I am text block. I exist to put words in. Nyes. That being said, now about me.

My name is Trisha Ottley-George and I live on the island of Trinidad, one of the twin islands of Trinidad and Tobago. I have lived on this planet for many moons and I do intend, with the grace of God, to live to see many, many more moons, be it full, quarter or new. I have been searching the seven seas for my purpose in life. To this day, I have yet to find the answer. I will update this page with the progress of my search.

I have been happily married for like, forever. Evil Senpai and I have plans of world domination but first, we plan on taking over this twin island nation.

I recently completed my Bachelor’s; more information can be found on this page; and I have just begun my Master’s. It will be a lot of work but I know I can get that distinction that I am aiming for!

While doing my Master’s, I intend to still write, make love to my bed, grow my stuff toy family, read manga and manhwa like there is no tomorrow, watch anime and Korean dramas albeit not as much as before the dawn of mastery as studying will have to take up some of the time that was allocated to my favourite activities.

My writing varies as you can see by the different sections and by doing this it helps me to continue to grow as a writer daily. The reviews I do of the different types of shows, movies, anime, and foreign drama I watch are the ones that really stand out or maybe what I find was not all that great. Also, since I tend to want to write some reviews long after I watch it, I rewatch and refresh my memory before I do write it

I’ll be back in short to complete this page.