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About Me

I am text block. I exist so that words can be put inside me. So onto it then.

My name is Trisha Ottley-George and I live on the island of Trinidad, one of the twin islands of Trinidad and Tobago. I have lived on this planet for many moons and I do intend, with the grace of God, to live to see many, many more moons, be it full, quarter or new. I have been searching the seven seas for my purpose in life. It has taken me a long time, but I do believe that I’m supposed to be a writer and entrepreneur. It seems as if it’s looking that way. I shall know if it really is very soon.

I have been happily married for like, forever. Evil Senpai and I have plans of world domination but first, we plan on taking over this twin island nation.

Well, I have completed my Master’s in 2018 and needless to say, I was very happy. It sucked up most of my spare time but it was worth it. Learnt many new things and this new found knowledge shall carry me forward.

During the time of the Master’s I did not write as much but now that I have completed it and have more time to focus on my God given talent, I intend to go full steam ahead with my writing.

Of course I have to make time for watching anime, Korean dramas, read novels, manga, manhwa and manhua, watch all the great period dramas on Netflix, try cooking new dishes and eating up a storm and last and most important, sleep like there’s not tomorrow! I love sleep!

On Netflix I’m currently watching The Crown, Peaky Blinders and Outlander. Although I am really enjoying the first two, Outlander is a slow burn for me. I hope I can make it to the end.

I use different sections to vary my writing a bit. Hopefully it helps me to grow as a writer.

So that’s it thus far. Updates shall be forthcoming.