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My name is Trisha and I hail from the lovely island of Trinidad, which forms part of a duo; Trinidad and Tobago.

Writing has always been a form of therapy for me when I was growing up. It was my way to escape the traumatic events and situations that I faced.

I never knew that I wanted to write. I never knew that I actually had potential. My standard five teacher was the first person to acknowledge my writing. He wasn’t in class much but he encouraged me to write more. He told me that I was really good and I should never stop writing. His words were all that mattered and all that I ever needed. His words were what started me on my writing journey. His belief in me saved my life.

When I started secondary school, I had some leftover bristol board from a project and I decided to make a little book out of it. I drew an illustration on the front and then wrote a story. Somehow it ended up in the hands of my classmates and I was terribly embarrassed. However, they were intrigued by the story and wanted more. So I continued to write more just for them.

I wrote stories for my classmates as well as my neighbour, who was my biggest fan until she migrated. Then my writing just fell by the wayside.

I would write occasionally but never full novels or series anymore. However, I did have a short lived blog on Google called Zala Écrit where I would publish content from time to time.

Eventually my partner found out about my writing and decided to hook me up with this blog so that I could get my thoughts down. Sort of like a journal I suppose. An online one.

I’m trying to write daily now since I am now positive this is my calling in life. Nothing else seems to work out and I am tired of having to prove myself to people.

So I hope you enjoy. My stories tend to have more existential overtones and I don’t usually write much about love, but I do hope that it helps to bring a bit of light into your day.