Everyone forms one body, one spirit in Christ. Christ uses each and every one of us to help one another. Rather, He would like to use each and every one of us to help one another.

In Monday 22nd’s reading, when the elders falsely accused Susanna of committing adultery because they could not have their way with her, she cried out to God for help. He used a young boy named Daniel to save her. He was able to prove Susanna’s innocence and served the elders up to their fate.

If Daniel had not listened to God’s voice and speak up, an innocent person would have been killed. Just like Susanna, there are a lot of innocent people who are unjustly condemned. People condemn others because they did not want to do what is wrong. They spread lies about the person, trying to damage their name and reputation.

God calls us to save those people, and we do not heed His call to help them. For instance, when persons try to get you to do the wrong thing at work, and you don’t, you are setup for something else. Although there are others in the office who know of your integrity, they choose to remain silent and let you take the fall for something you did not do.

Doing the right thing will always bring reward. Even though it may not seem like it, it is never rewarding to do the wrong thing.

Last year, when I made the report in the police station about the physical assault, my best friend came with me. I made the report to the police and I did not get a receipt.

However, the Lord used my cousin’s friend to help me get that receipt.

The Lord also used me to help someone else. I remember a time someone asked me to purchase bread, cheese and bananas for them. I told him okay, went inside the supermarket and bought it. By the time I turned around after handing it to him, he vanished. I’m not joking. I’m not making this up.

I searched for him but could not find him. I believed that those groceries were for someone else and that person was an angel the Lord sent to get it for them.

There are times we hear a voice inside us. Sometimes, we ignore this voice and move along.

I remember either reading something somewhere or hearing it; prayers go unanswered because the one whom the Lord sends to answer it, does not heed the call. I believe there is some truth to this.

Whenever we hear the Holy Spirit, we should listen and carry out His Will. By doing this, we can help brighten up the lives of others. Helping others evokes a joy and happiness that is deep, profound and uplifting.

Help others when they need it. The good karma will come back to you, your family or your friends.