Another anime that has a go at alternate dimensions, Noein is both refreshing and annoying at the same time. The series leaves you partially satisfied at the way the plot unfolded. Twenty six (26) episodes were a bit too much for this anime.

The story is set in Hakodate, Hokkaido, Japan. It begins with the twelve year old Haruka and her friend Yuu thinking about running away from their hometown. Yuu is not happy living with his mother and he is sombre throughout the series. Haruka on the other hand, is the more optimistic of the two.

They meet Karasu who is a member of the Dragon Cavalry. He journeys to Yuu and Haruka’s dimension because of La’cryma, which is one possible future of their world. Karasu believes that Haruka is the Dragon Torque; the one who is capable of putting an end to all other dimensions. He also claims to be Yuu.

Haruka is also a target of Noein, a being who dwells in another possible dimension called Shangri’la. He wants Haruka for her special ability to end other dimensions. The series follows the attempts of each of these entities trying to capture Haruka.

This anime features the concept of time, dimensions and the Many-Worlds concept in quantum physics. The relationships between the characters provide some clues as to why certain events play out in the future.

The visuals were not as solid, as the characters looked sketchy in certain scenes. Their movements also appeared a bit sluggish at times. Since the animators tried to recreate an actual town in Japan, the visuals were beautiful.

On a musical note, the opening score was pretty normal, something that one could skip through. The ending song was nothing special either. The music in the fight scenes were energetic but for other scenes, the scores were pretty meh.

There was no significant character development in the series by all of the show’s young protagonists. Yuu’s mother is the only character who displays growth in the series. She realises how her actions were affecting Yuu and begins to change.

Overall, the series was fair. However, twenty six (26) episodes was not necessary because there were a couple of episodes where literally nothing happened. The anime is a bit confusing at some points and there were times when I wanted to stop watching. Nevertheless, I made it to the end; although I am not the better for it especially with that less than satisfying ending.