You think there’s one pandemic in this world right now? Think again. Stupidity and selfishness are spreading faster than the death rate of Covid-19.

You would think by now that people would heed the simple steps that are necessary to slow down the spread of the virus but it appears that human beings always need force to get them to do something that would be beneficial to all.

Why would you go on a cruise or mini vacation knowing that this disease is so contagious? And then, these same people cry out to come back home. Quarantined and upset. Your asinine behaviour brought that consequence.

Then two-thirds of those humans tested positive for the virus. A human decided that she did not need to self-isolate upon her return from Canada and went to sell in the market.

She probably sold a lot more than goods. And those customers probably got more than they bargained for. Imagine that police have to go and remove the human.

Imagine the government needed to call in the ARMY to get people to remain in quarantine at the hospital.

It amazes me that humans are failing to self-isolate or remain in quarantine because of their selfish desire to do what they feel to do. I mean, how can one stay inside all of the time, right?

And the so-called Opposition and media asking and saying stupid things. Which one is essential? A bar or a supermarket? Apparently the Opposition sees them as equals. Did not know I could prepare alcohol as a meal for my family.

If you go to the cinema, you’re sitting in close proximity to one another. Helloooo Covid-19, want to be my friend?

Not only here in Trinidad but all over the world these two pandemics are spreading.

Humans all over the world are recklessly putting other human’s lives at risk. They fail to adhere to the simple instructions put forward by WHO.

Charge humans for mass homicide when they recklessly put other human’s lives at risk.

The longer selfishness and stupidity persists, the longer we shall be in this mess. The more humans take this thing lightly, the more humans are going to die.

The longer selfishness and stupidity persists, the longer the world economy shall take to regain its footing.

The longer selfishness and stupidity persists, the longer we take to go back to our normal lives.