NCT 127


The year has come to a close and one band that really made 2018 for me was NCT 127. I popped across them by chance while I was watching videos for highly anticipated anime for 2019. This is one of rare times that I was thankful for YouTube’s video suggestions.

These guys took my breath away! My pores raised to their scintillating beats, energetic and smoking hot sexy dance moves and glorious visual appeal.

My eyes could not get enough of their manly charisma and gyrating bodies. Their presence was just oozing deliciousness and juicy sex appeal.

Man, these guys are extraordinary! I sat and devoured one video after another. My hunger was insatiable. SM really did good with this group. Well, this sub-group. This was the group I was waiting on all my life! They have everything I’ve always wanted; that edgier sound, the aggressively sexy guys; yes, everything’s so well-balanced with them. They can pull off the adorable façade such as in their video for ‘Touch’ and then there’s the tantalising visuals in ‘Simon Says’. Have mercy! They could tell me to do almost anything and I’ll do it dammit!

These guys really ended off my year with a bang! And they deserve it because they are phenomenal. Their future is surely limitless! 😀

Cheers and Happy New Year!