Deep in the depths of a cupboard, lying inside a fancy utensil box, lay utensils that were only brought out for special occasions. One of those utensils was known as Citrus Spoon. Citrus Spoon was only put out on one occasion but although he was accessible to the Non-Utensils, they did not use him. Even though there were fruits adorned on the table, they did not use him. Instead, they used their hands or gasp! Even worse! They used an ordinary spoon.

To Citrus Spoon, every spoon that was not of his kind was ordinary. He was extraordinary. He was designed differently, his slender body was adorned with various intricate designs and his scoop was not smooth like ordinary spoons. No. He had a lovely jagged edge and could dig into any fruit with ease. Heck, he could dig into anything with ease! Such was his thinking. No other spoon could compare to him. He was the superior being.

The Non-Utensil was reaching into the cupboard for the fancy box in which he lived. He didn’t speak to anyone in there because he believed himself to be superior to all spoons. Actually, he believed himself to be superior to all utensils!

The Non-Utensil took out other spoons, knives and forks and left him in the box. At first, the Non-Utensil held him, watched him and then decided that he would not be needed and placed him back inside the box. But, the Non-Utensil did not place the box back in the cupboard as it was distracted by something. Citrus Spoon decided that he was not going to stay inside of that box any longer and escaped. The other utensils did not notice him leave save for Ice Cream Spoon, whom he dispatched swiftly with a flick of his jagged edge.

He took the remnants of Ice Cream Spoon and dumped him in the bin. Citrus Spoon moved on. He was going to crash that party.

While he was on the go, he overheard some of the utensils of Kitchen showering praises on Grater. Apparently he had saved Christmas the previous year or something and now he was some sort of hero. Citrus Spoon was curious to know more about this so-called hero. He didn’t have to venture far as the Kitchen Towel belted out the news and provided a visual picture of Grater or Grater-Man as the utensils were referring to him.

Citrus Spoon scoffed when he saw him. “He lacks elegance,” Citrus Spoon said, “he just looks so…inelegant. I mean, he’s just a big chunk of metal.”

Citrus Spoon shook his head and went about his business. He had a party to crash.

Grater-Man was not invited to the party, but he was involved in getting the dishes ready for the party. As always, his ability to make things smaller was revered by all utensils. His status seemingly god-like now.

After the Non-Utensil had finished with Grater, he was cleansed and placed on the dish rack to dry. There, Dessert Spoon visited him to see how he was doing. She told him that she was invited to the party and was most delighted to have been chosen to attend.

Citrus Spoon got to the table where the other utensils were being placed and secretly took Ice Cream Spoon’s spot. None of the other utensils realised because they were too busy being bourgeois.

As Citrus Spoon laid down and closed his eyes, he felt a shadow come over him.

“Hey,” said a tiny voice, “I don’t know you. Are you new here?”

When Citrus Spoon opened his eyes, he saw a dessert spoon. In this case it was Grater-Man’s friend Dessert Spoon.

His eyes narrowed. “She is a nuisance,” he thought. He decided to charm her to get rid of her.

“Yes,” he responded. “I’m new. I’m Citrus. How do you do?”

“Hi Citrus,” she smiled, “I’m Dessert Spoon. Pleased to meet you. So, where are you from?”

“A place far, far away,” he smiled.

“Oh!” she exclaimed. “Would you like to meet my friend Grater? But he isn’t invited to the party though.”

“Sure, I’d love to,” Citrus said, “But first, how about I show you where I’m from, yes?”

“Oh, I don’t know,” Dessert said, “I just met you.”

“Don’t worry, everything will be fine,” Citrus said and flashed her a brilliant smile. It was so brilliant that she could not help but go with him. But Citrus had other plans. When they got to their destination, he immobilized her and dumped her in the box.

“I’ll come back for you later,” he told her, “I can’t have you ruining my plans.”

He left and went back to the table. However, that little detour cost him as his spot was now gone and the Non-Utensils were out in full swing. He was furious.

Dessert Spoon was about to feel his wrath! However, luck was on his side as one of the bouillon spoons fell off the table. He quickly jagged away at its body and got rid of him and strategically placed himself so that he would be picked up. And sure enough, he was.

As soon as the party was finished, the Non-Utensils took the utensils to wash. It was at that moment that Citrus got into action. He eliminated most of the utensils and dumped them in bin. The Non-Utensil was in shock as to how many utensils were missing. It went searching for them.

During this time, Dessert Spoon managed to free herself and ran to Grater to get his assistance. She told him that there was a sinister Citrus Spoon who was plotting to rid the Kitchen of all other spoons that were not like him.

Grater found Citrus leaving the sink around the same time that Law Enforcement Cleaver Knife found all of the other spoons maimed and in the dust bin.

But by that time it had been too late. Citrus Spoon had already disappeared and his list of victims were growing.

Soon the kitchen towels had a wanted poster sign up for him. He was now known as Sinister Spoon because of his mass utensilicide.

Citrus Spoon saw it and was glorified. He was now a notorious criminal. No one would mess with him now. He could go to any party he chose. Those Non-Utensils will have to use him regardless.

He went into his new hideout, the Breadmaker, and plotted his next move from there. Grater knew he had to find Sinister Spoon and stop him at any cost. But how was he going to do it?

The new year was slowly approaching and the Non-Utensils were preparing to have another feast. They bought new utensils to replace the ones that perished under Sinister Spoon.

Grater had a plan. He knew Sinister Spoon would not miss out on the opportunity to go to the party and decided to place a trap for him.

They brought out the fruits, mostly oranges and grapefruits when the party was in full swing. And what spoon would be the spoon of choice for eating this? Why a citrus spoon of course or Sinister Spoon.

When Sinister Spoon was held by the Non-Utensil, his feeling of pride was like no other. He couldn’t wait to show off what he could do. However, for some reason, when he dug into the fruit, he was unable to come out. The Non-Utensil, being impatient, flung both him and the fruit in the bin and that was when Grater-Man and Cleaver Knife nabbed him. He was then placed in the Freezer where he would be placed on ice for a good number of years.

The utensils of Kitchen were overjoyed that this menace was captured and rained praises on Grater for his successful plan in nabbing Sinister Spoon.

And for a period of time, peace reigned again in the land of Kitchen.

That is, until the arrival of Knefarious Knife…