Restaurant Week 2018. A time for my taste-buds to enjoy a callaloo of flavours for a lovely reduced price. This year, I decided that the two restaurants my husband and I would visit would be Bal-Tar-Zzar and Touch n Taste. They also had the distinction of being in the same area as well as being in very close proximity of each other.

The first restaurant we went to was Bal-Tar-Zzar. It’s a little lovely cosy place located just before the turn-off into Couva. The car park attendant was really courteous and friendly, as well the person who received us at the door and seated us. The waitress was also very polite and friendly and handed us the menus. The music was very soothing, they played a medley of instrumentals from the greatest musicians and the lighting was subtle and calming.

We got our drinks and then we ordered our food. I had the veggie balls tossed in a chai chilli sauce and my husband had Gai Ping which was grilled seasoned chicken on a skewer. They were absolutely delicious! I didn’t feel as if I was eating veggie balls! And of course I had to taste the chicken from my husband! It was absolutely marvellous as well!

Then for the entrée I had Thai Red Curry Shrimp served with jasmine rice and vegetables and my husband had Roasted Garlic and Pepper Chicken Thai Style also served with jasmine rice and vegetables. OMG! They were both absolutely scrumptious! My husband’s dish was extremely delish but very spicy! Good thing I didn’t take it or else I wouldn’t have been able to eat it. My dish was spicy too but not as spicy as his.

Finally for desert, I had the fried ice cream and I took my husband’s desert home to eat another day. Heheheh. The fried ice cream was great and the chocolate cake was okay. But man, the food at that restaurant is really fantastic. Definitely will be going back there again God spare my life.

The second restaurant we went to was Touch n Taste. It’s probably about five minutes away from Bal-Tar-Zzar. It had a more bourgeois appearance and its design lent itself well for perfect backgrounds to take pictures.

We decided to sit outside on the pool deck. While the setting was lovely, the table did not have a tablecloth and there were not utensils as well as no napkins for us to place on our laps. The waiter however, was quite friendly and theatrical and I think one of the only good things about that place. He took our drinks order and left. He returned with it and we ordered our food.

For the appetizer, I ordered Fromage et Épinards, which consisted of tomatoes, lettuce, cheese, arugula and plantains and my husband ordered Ceviche de Saumon Blanc which was white salmon, cilantro, onions, pimento, black pepper, salt, vinegar and plantain.

Needless to say, both were horrible. The presentation of my dish was visually unappealing and my husband’s dish was just raw salmon soaking in a some sort of liquid. We both wondered why the waiter brought condiments to our table in the form of ketchup, pepper and soy sauce and when the fish arrived, we realised why. I tasted one of the fish and I wanted to barf. It was disgusting. I told my husband not to eat the rest. I couldn’t even finish that horrible salad.

Next up, the entrée. So I decided to order Demi-Poulet Rôti Dans un Bar Maison which was Half Roasted Chicken in Bar-B-Que sauce served with Sweet Potato Mash and Local Cole-slaw. My husband took Saumon Rose which was Pink Salmon served in Lemon Butter Herbal Cream Sauce and Smashed Potatoes. Well, all I can say is that I wasn’t happy. The sweet potato mash was dry like sandpaper, the cole-slaw was warm and tasted funny and only half of the chicken tasted good. I only had two bites of the sweet potato mash and the cole-slaw before calling it quits with both and ate half of the chicken.

And if you didn’t think that it was possible to ruin salmon. Think again. Touch n Taste Restaurant has perfected the art of salmon destruction. It was overcooked and still tasted fresh. The smashed potatoes were sort of okay but still not good enough to redeem the dish.

At this point I just wanted to leave. But I had to have the desert, which was the only thing that was good. I had a Virgin Mudslide Cheesecake and took home the High Roller Triple d Chocolate Cake.

After eating the cheesecake, I really, really just wanted to leave. We had to go inside to pay since they didn’t have a portable Linx machine and had to pay for the drinks since apparently that was not included in the cost of the Halloween special that we came for.

In my life so far, there has never been a restaurant that I have visited where I was unable to eat the food. Never say never they say and that’s the truth. My experience at this restaurant will remain with me forever. The horrible taste of the food, especially that raw salmon that even thinking about it makes me want to puke.

Restaurant Week 2018 was a hit and a miss for me. But this miss was more like a disgusting explosion of something that was supposed to be food in my mouth. I sincerely hope that next year God’s willing, I hope to have two hits since last year was also a hit and a miss, with Le Moderne being the hit and 519 being the miss.