All good deeds come to an end when something not so good occurs.

People always remember the bad you have done. You could have done one hundred good things but the one bad thing or the one perceived bad thing that you have done, well, it cancels out the one hundred good things.

You get to work super early every day no one bats an eye but the one day you decide to leave a few minutes early, all hell breaks loose.

Most times you don’t enjoy a lunch hour but the moment that you go out and come back a few minutes late, it’s the Spanish inquisition.

Your reports have been perfect from since time immemorial but one day, you make one little mistake and suddenly, the world is coming to an end.

You sit comatose by your desk every day doing nothing but the moment you decide to be a little more active and move around, they want to lay you off.

Persons who arrive to work late, leave and go and do their so-called business for two to three hours, return, enjoy lunch and then leave when the time is right are ignored. Why? Because their lips are coloured a nice shade of brown.

Gossiping on others is one criteria for remaining in the boss’ good books. Another must have is the ability to constantly attack and belittle your coworker’s character, then, you are free to get away with murder.

But it’s not just the workplace you encounter these things. Even your family just doesn’t seem to understand and label you as uncaring and lacking in compassion because you don’t have the energy or the time to visit as you would like to.

Yet somehow they forget how you spent hours in traffic to pick them up and drop them home when crisis hit instead of going home and getting some rest, because you know how hard and costly it is to get transportation.

Not to mention when your birthday or anniversary comes around, no one remembers you exist. You only exist when they need something.

When you speak up about these transgressions, people label you as mad or crazy. You’re not allowed to stand up for yourself.

And last but not least, let’s not forget the so-called Christian people. They are two-tongued beasts that can’t wait to stick that knife right in your back and ensure that it remains there until you bleed to death.

They judge persons when they themselves are no better and in most cases, worse. They have no empathy and lack compassion. They believe they are the next best thing since sliced bread and nothing and no one can touch them in piousness and duty.

They are the best Christians known to man. They treat everyone with such nugacity that one wonders why do they even bother with the façade of caring in the first place.

In the end, no one is perfect but we must not forget about all the good someone has done amidst the one bad that may have occurred.