From your home to the streets, no one is considerate to anyone. It’s like a plague, a pandemic; it spread so quickly that you’re unaware that you have it.

Inconsideration affects the entire population and by extension, the world. No one cares about anyone and no one empathises with anyone either.

It all starts at home.

So, they go into the fridge and they see that slices of cheese have been cut. They don’t ask a question, they proceed to eat the cheese without cutting back slices of cheese and leaving it there. No, the cheese is eaten and that’s that. Or, they know that they didn’t put any drinks in the fridge but they help themselves to it anyway. And it’s not limited to drinks alone, oh no. Should there be anything else they feel they need to help themselves to, well, it’s all fair game.

But mind you, should the recipient of these crimes retaliate, the humanoid pig decides to let you have an earful. It makes the recipient want to decimate the humanoid pig. One must remember that jail is not a nice place.

Then, let’s not forget about the dirty dishes on the stove and in the sink. Because let’s face it, their brains don’t seem to be able to process how to create soap water to wash their dirty dishes.

Let’s not forget about the phlegm in the sink, on the bathroom curtain. Let’s not forget about cleaning the aquarium in the bathroom because that’s where people usually clean their aquariums, in the f#@%ing bathroom!

And oh! Let’s not forget that these humanoid pigs do not clean. Period. All they are good for is to be the best disgusting person they can be and to continue their piggish ways.

Not to mention that filling up the bag with trash and not disposing of it because it seems as if their hands and feet are broken.

When you think that they have reached their pinnacle of nastiness, they show you that their filthiness can reach new heights.

Now, let’s look at the streets. Let’s talk about those wonderful drivers who love to turn on their indicator at the last second or better yet, not even bother to turn it on at all! So yes, it’s back to mind reading.

Also, let’s talk about those drivers who believe that driving turtle speeds during rush hours is the best way to ensure that you have a peace of mind. By driving slow, not only are you keeping people from going home, YOU are the cause of the traffic! Not to mention the mergers. Oh MY goodness! Don’t these people know that you need to speed up in order to merge?! Why are you slowing down for crying out loud?!!

Then there’s work. Another set. You change your lunch hour because there was a rush for the microwave at that time and then suddenly, everybody else decides that hey, they need to have their lunch when you’re having lunch and the cycle starts all over again.

Then there’s the toilet chronicles. They do not change the toilet paper roll if it’s empty. It seems that the humanoid pigs at work do not understand how to open a pack of toilet paper and place it on the rack. They do not know how to change the hand towels and dispose of their sanitary napkins and shields either.

They also do not know when to return something they have borrowed.

Humanoid pigs are everywhere. Home, street, work, school, church, you name it. It’s a sad thing that no one cares about one another anymore. There seems to be no end in sight to this pandemic. Clearly, it’s an incurable disease.