In every country, every society, people need props. Props to make them feel on top of the world, props to make them feel like a god; it is a glorious show of who is the best.

One of the great Christian societies prides themselves in hiring props for their daily abuse. In higher places, cronyism and nepotism are the tools by which they use to grow their congregations to magnanimous proportions, so much so that some churches require to have building extensions.

But that’s not all. They are always ready to lend a helpful hand when you need it. Just call them and you will be greeted by a cheerful voice who seems to be willing to drop what they are doing to bend over backwards to ensure that you, the church member, are okay. After all, the church cannot afford to lose its members right? Empty pews do not pay the clergy.

When you walk into the head office of the church, you are greeted with such warmth and affection that you believe that you have entered into heaven itself. You feel so at ease, you do not want to leave!

At the head office, there is only compassion and peace. They are a living example that they practice what they preach.

Such harmony, such grace, always a smile adorned on their face. You can’t believe there exists such a place and social media features many words of praise.

The venomous honey that drips from their lips, enables them to wine and dine, and go on expensive trips.

The cronyismites and nepotites cackle with glee because they can pocket more of your money. Whether the props leave or stay, their pocket lives to get fatter for another day.

The King of Hearts has none himself, hence all his feelings and emotions are left upon a shelf. And the cronyismites and nepotites continue to win, while perpetuating the cycle of sin.