Driving is one of the most frustrating events that one has to do on a daily basis, mainly because of all of the idiot drivers one has to deal with.

From the never ending traffic that appears to multiply daily, to the lack of courtesy, careless driving, snailers; the list goes on. Driving is a rather frustrating chore.

The roads are more of a private good than a public good due to the fact that a lot of people can afford to purchase cars. However, a lot of my time on the nation’s roads would be greatly reduced if the following practices by my countrymen and women are avoided.

One type of traffic is the macco traffic. Yes, Trinidadians love to stop and stare at any and every little thing. The poor soul whose car says it no longer wants to drive anymore, a highway lime, an accident, someone who parked their car on the shoulder to catch up on some snoozements; yes, they stop and macco and cause unnecessary traffic and it annoys the shit out of me! Drive your car for the love of Zeus!

Then there are those people who drive like they’re on a Sunday afternoon cruise. I call them, The Snailers. Ain’t nobody have time for that shit on a morning or evening when you trying to get to work on time or get home after work. And when someone tries to get in front of them, they speed up so that you can’t overtake them, then relax into their slothful, selfish ways again, taking up your time, causing many a blood pressure to rise.

Then there are those people who can’t breathe unless they have their phone in their hand so their distraction creates unnecessary traffic because of their need to respond to any and everyone who calls or messages.

Let’s not forget merging madness. Those people who love to hit the back roads and then return to merge…all at the same time, onto the highway. One word – chaos.

When school’s out, it’s the most wonderful time of the year, traffic wise that is. It is absolutely heaven driving at these times. If only it could be traffic free all the time!

If people would mind their business and be cognisant of others while driving, traffic would be at a minimum. But since the society is all about self, I doubt that is going to happen any time soon.