The rainy season. ‘Tis a time of rain, storms, hurricanes and yes, floods. The wonderful waters that we are surrounded by suddenly have no where to go but to take up temporary residence in someone’s house.

In actuality, the waters aren’t taking up temporary residence. On the contrary, they are returning to where they belong. We stole their home from them. Well, in some situations that is.

This perennial problem would not go away, it will continue to get worse. This is just a symptom of something far greater and that something is population growth.

As the population continues to grow, and the wonderful scarce resource we call land becomes even more scarce, people would build anywhere.

Let’s begin with the family. Some families are blessed to have their own homes. However, as time goes by, children grow up and move on, either emigrating or staying. Sometimes, family members do not want other family members staying in the same house, even though there is sufficient accommodation. Those family members now have to go in search of housing or land to build a house so as to have a place to call their home. And if these things are out of reach due to lack of funds, then up goes a structure on someone else’s land. However, as a result of this, the consequence is an inefficient allocation of resources.

Land designated for food suddenly becomes a new housing development haven. Mountains areas are a new prestige because the views are phenomenal. Swamps and lagoons are regarded as unnecessary. Let’s face it, why have some wetlands when a nice piece of asphalt can provide you with straight access to the capital?

Not to mention, the many pieces of trash that finds its way into the rivers and streams on a daily basis. I mean, it’s common to see a box of KFC or an empty bottle being flung out of vehicles like nobody’s business.

And as an added bonus, if you need to get parts to some of your appliances or simply need a one, find the closest river and you’ll be sure to put your hands on one.

So when all of these factors are taken into consideration, together with the threat of global warming, then the waters will return to whence they came. There is no stopping them.

If we keep using our scarce resources inefficiently, then what is going to happen to future generations? Sure, technological change is moving at high speed, but land is still going to be needed to erect more businesses to satiate the greed that is the creed of the world.

When these disasters occur, monies that could have been allocated to something else, such as improved health care, has to be diverted to transfers such as aiding people who are affected by flooding, which unfortunately, is as a result of the decisions that we the people continue to make on a daily basis.

Therefore, in order to reduce these instances of flooding, people need to make better decisions and think about their fellow man and woman. Disposing of trash in bins, getting rid of appliances in the correct way, saving the trees and wetlands and last but not least, people learning to live with each other in harmony so as to preserve the beauty of the land.