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Panic! At the Disco


Just as time flies when we are having fun, so does time fly when one is studying. Yes, class is taking up a lot of my time so my writing has faltered a bit. Not to mention my music listening time.

Nevertheless, because Panic! At the Disco has been on my radar for a couple of weeks well, September is going to their month.

Whether it’s the entire band or just Brendon, who, well, is the band, their lyrics rich with literary devices and captivating melodies, have always entranced me with their consistent quality and richness.

From I Write Sins Not Tragedies to The Emperor’s New Clothes, Panic! illustrates that they have the power to mess with your goddamn minds with ‘the Mandela Effect’ while also creating some truly memorable videos that stand out vividly in your head centuries later.

Then there are lots of songs that I’ve hit repeat on such as That Green Gentleman (Things have changed for me)Ms Jackson, Trade Mistakes, Sarah Smiles and Hurricane. I must confess that my favourite album from them is Vices & Virtues with Pretty.Odd being my least favourite.

As I mentioned earlier, their lyrical quality is beyond excellent and I have to admit that I was totally blown away by the lyrics on the Vices & Virtues album the most, probably because I am mostly biased towards that one. I don’t know, there is just something about that album that makes it stand at number one for me. Trade Mistakes in particular was quite marvelously written. I mean, ‘If I could trade mistakes for sheep/Count me away before you sleep’ simply blew my mind. It was such powerful lines. Sigh!

I love the way in which Brendon evolves with each album because each album is a masterpiece in their own right. He is getting better and better and his lyrics are certainly keeping that top notch quality that Panic is known for.