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The Mighty Complainers Are The Major Confusion Makers


In life, there is always someone who complains about any single thing you can think of but can never provide any solutions to their problems.

They complain about the rain that falls from the sky to having to do their OWN work; they make everything a problem.

They are also quite skilled in organising a pity party so that other people could weigh in on the imaginary situation and add to the mythology without finding out the other side of the story.

The power of these Sirens are tremendous as they are masters at hypnotising these contemporary fools to their deaths, since their hapless minds soak up the lies and melancholic stories that are fed to them.

They absorb the complaints and then proceed to slowly wring out the animosity to the one to whom it was intended, in order to wreak havoc in their lives. Yes, the complainers are excellent stirrers. They also make the best soup.

These troublemakers have the greatest influence on others, who tend to overlook the fact that the mighty complainers suffer from chronic laziness, as they continue to ululate about how the world is so cruel to them and they cannot function due to the fact that no one wants to do their work for them. Boo hoo!

In the household, they do nothing but complain about everything. They moan and groan about never having any money yet they are all up-to-date with all the latest stuff as they have the newest phone, a new TV, game, shoes, you name it. Ask them if they have money to buy groceries or pay bills, they will watch you straight in the eye and say they don’t have any money for that or they simply say they are not paying anything.

It is amazing that the people who are influenced by these sloths don’t take the time to actually find out if what they are saying is the truth by going to the person or persons to get the other side of the story. They just hear a one-sided tale and then that’s it. You’re branded as an insensitive and selfish person for life.

It makes sense I guess. The complainers go on living their lives as if nothing happened, continuing to go about their business as normal as the sun rises and sets in the day, while you get abused for no reason.

However, the true pity party lies in the fact that you are stuck amongst these people and are unable to escape because no matter where you go, there is always someone else ready to continue from where that mighty complainer left off.