Tears drop from me as soft petals in the wind

Blown to some undesired, unchartered land

Will it ever reach you, will you ever examine?

The promise of love you have of me in your hand


Left alone in the dark to pray and fritter

Away my thoughts of life and what it holds

At first, my ideas of you were fruits turned bitter

Now they are void less thoughtless, untold


At times I have gazed upon that precipice

Over and yonder the clear blue sky

Images of you holding me close, the first kiss

Always leaves me on a love drunken high


Reality shatters through that dream I live

As I sit and stare at these four walls of stone

And I wonder if it is I truly forgive

My love for leaving me – an afterthought, alone


Somehow this disease called love perseveres

While on goes the sands of my time

It is certain that I will always supposed to care

About a boy whom I believe to be mine