A South Korean girl group formed by SM Entertainment in 2009, f(x) trapped me in their mathematical guise by their electro-pop and upbeat musical style. They tend to have a different sound from the other South Korean girl groups but the electro musical style is similar to their boy band label mates Super Junior.

Three of the members of the group were recruited during scouting, (Jessica, Krystal and Luna) while Sulli was already a celebrity in her own right, as she began acting while she was a child. The final member of the group, Amber, was said to have won a global casting that SM Entertainment had.

The group now consists of four members, with the departure of Sulli in 2015 and since then, the group has only released one album.

The group is balanced as everyone has a distinct personality and even featuring one member of the group, Amber, who has a tomboyish persona, which, for me, makes this group even more special as this was the only South Korean girl group I came across that had a young woman who was not all ‘girly-girly’.

Their music is energetic and lively, their choreography fun, cute and simple. Their music videos are usually very colourful and cheerful. Because their musical style was rather distinct from the other South Korean girl groups, I liked it very much. They were the first South Korean girl group whose music I truly enjoyed.

Their last single, ‘4 Walls’, which was released in 2015, featured a beat was a bit toned down but still encompassed the electronic beats and synthesizers that their music is known for. It was not as energetic as previous hits such as ‘Hot Summer’ and ‘Electric Shock’ but it was still ear worthy.

They are supposed to make a comeback this year so I am waiting to see if they are going to experiment with new sounds or if they would continue using the formula that worked for them.

f(x) Fighting!