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angela is a Japanese band who is famous for providing some memorable tracks to various anime series such as one of my all time favourites Gravitation for Heroic Age, first and second opening and ending themes for Fafner in the Azure (Exist, DEAD OR ALIVE, An’ya Koro and Horizon), Kishi Koushinkyoku for Knights of Sidonia and KINGS for K.

The main members of the group are Atsuko Yamashita and Katsunori Hirasato both from the Okayama Perfecture in Japan.

Atsuko is the main vocalist and lyricist of the group while Katsunori is the brains behind the song composition and the arrangement. He also plays the guitar and keyboard.

They have come a long way from being street performers as their first album was released under Starchild and while their second was released under the Geneon label.

They have released a number of albums and mini albums and their musical style ranges from electronica, rock and jazz. They tend to use choral vocals as part of their arrangement in addition to strings, electronic sounds and the electric guitar.

Atsuko’s voice is so powerful and compelling that is very easy to distinguish her from her peers. She has a very distinctive voice and her vocals stir deep emotions from within you. Each song that they have chosen from this band to feature as the opening or ending song in an anime has fit the anime perfectly.

So, my artist for the month of March is angela (it is stylised as lower case initial). I can’t wait to see what anime opening or ending they will pop up in next.