Come one, come all

To witness the great fall

Feel free to laugh and jeer at will

I’ve hit my head on the bell

Profits flooding from the sell

Time for me stands still


I’ve ended up right back at the start

Riding this stagnancy that does not wish to part

Up and down the horses go

Their plastic legs hop round and round

Yet neither of them makes any sound

There’s no escaping the gigolo


Oh yeah! She’s that girl Jill

The one that went up the hill

To wash herself in the well

But Jack was so handsome and tall

She claims like a dog she was mauled

It was her body that put him under a spell


They whisper and snicker and say she’s a hoe

Look at her features from head to toe

She’s been all over the town

Now she thinks she’s smart

It’s gone and died, her heart

A stone now rests on her mound