Noragami features two seasons each having thirteen episodes a piece. The first season was simply titled Noragami and while the second season was called Noragami Aragato to distinguish it from the first season.

The story centres around a lesser known god named Yato who does not have his own shrine due to his unpopularity as no one prays to him. This is a consequence of him being the god of calamity as he was usually the guy people went to when they wanted someone to do the dirty work that they couldn’t do for themselves. However, despite being very unknown and unpopular, he is still able to exist because of Hiyori’s reliance on him. This is due to the fact that it is because of Yato that she is currently in the state that she is in and she needs him to return her to normal.

They become friends as time goes by. In addition to him being unpopular with the humans, he is also not fancied with divine instruments as they all eventually leave him since he has no status as a god. Eventually he makes a contract with a new one, a young boy who was called Yukine in his previous life. Yato names Yukine, Sekki and calls him by this name to transform him into his divine instrument.

Yato’s main antagonist is the goddess of war Bishounen, who abhors Yato since he killed everyone in her clan. Ever since that incident, all she lives for is vengeance against Yato. Other villains do surface throughout the series. However, it is their antagonistic relationship that reveals the characters and their motivations.

The artwork was absolutely lovely in this series. It was gaudy, vivid and beautiful. I loved the colour palate. The setting was very pleasing to my eyes and and loved how the characters were drawn.

The soundtrack was absolutely amazing. The opening scores for Noragami and Noragami Aragato really had you pumped up for the show and making you want to really get into the series. There was a mixture of simple yet mixed beats, which featured a couple with a sort of tribal sound that had a bit of an edge to it. This I think fit the anime perfectly as the tribal effect of the music epitomised the godly status of the majority of the cast in the series. .

Character development was limited in this series. However, as the anime progressed you begin to understand what motivated each character, which subsequently had an impact on their emotional dispositions. Despite the lack of character development, there was only one dynamic character, that being Yukine. At the start he was rebellious but gradually lost his rebellious ways and became more manageable and friendly, due to Yato’s changed way of dealing with him.

The music is one of the main reasons why I loved this series. It was very captivating. The artwork was another plus for me. The characters were quite likeable and fun. Although the story line was typical, there was no exploration of any philosophical questions nor was there any real world problems that the characters faced, which would have made it a bit more relatable.

In conclusion, this anime was semi enjoyable for me. It was pretty average, not too dark but not too cheerful, and a bit funny. What brought my enjoyment level crashing down was the last arc in the second season, which in my opinion, made absolutely no sense at all. Despite this, the music and the animation were absolutely fantastic.