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The Policeman


Everyday, the blue sedan would pass him by as he was on patrol. He would see him, zooming past him with a smile on his face. This made his day every morning. Seeing the guy’s wonderfully happy face. He had all sorts of thoughts about this guy.

He remembered seeing him at a nightclub two weekends ago and was bummed that he would not have been able to see him again. He couldn’t work up the courage to go and speak to him that night because he was with a group of friends and he couldn’t bear to be embarrassed should he fumble or stutter or if they just didn’t like him. So he just watched from afar.

He had cursed the moon and the stars when they put him on patrol duty but then blessed them when he realised that his crush was passing on that route every morning to get to work. Life wasn’t so bad after all he thought.

One morning he decided to have him pull over because he wanted to know his name. The perks of being a police officer he chuckled to himself.

As soon as he saw him coming, he turned on the siren and started following him. Luckily, he actually had a valid reason for pulling him over. He was going over the speed limit by about five kilometres. When the guy in the blue sedan realised that the police officer had his light on, he slowed down, pulled to the side and parked the car. The officer got out of his car and proceeded towards the blue sedan.

The guy rolled down the glass and gave the officer a bright and cheery smile. It totally knocked him off guard for a moment as he looked so gorgeous to him. Then, someone blew their horn and he returned to his senses.

“License and insurance please,” he said to the guy in the blue sedan.

“Sure thing Officer,” the guy winked and handed him his documents. The officer took his documents and went and sat in his car to check him out. The guy’s name was Chad Fries and he lived not too far from where they were. He was twenty five years old and he worked as a car salesman.

When the officer got all the information that he needed, he got out of the car and returned to the blue sedan.

“Mr. Fries, can you step out of the vehicle please?”

“Why?” Chad frowned. “I haven’t done anything and I know for sure that my records are clean Officer -?”

“Apple. Ted Apple,” Ted supplied.

“Right,” Chad nodded. “Listen, I know that I was doing a little over the speed limit but can’t we let this slide this once? I’m already late for an important meeting this morning.”

Officer Ted hesitated. He really wanted to give him a pat down but he decided that might be a bit too much and too suspicious so he handed Chad back his documents and told him that he needed to be a bit more careful as regards to the speed limit.

“No problemo Officer,” Chad winked at him again and he pulled off.

Officer Ted stood there watching him as he drove off. His heart was doing several flip flops inside his chest. The way he looked at him, it was as if they were doing the tango with their eyes. Officer Ted believed that Chad had flirted with him and since he knew where he lived, he decided that he would be visiting Chad’s house soon.

A few days later, he had a day off, so he went over to Chad’s place. He let himself in and casually walked around the house. He found Chad’s bedroom and proceeded to his chest of drawers. In the top drawer, he found Chad’s underwear and proceeded to sniff it. It smelled so heavenly. He took one and then turned to leave. He then noticed that there was a woman’s shoe under the bed. He did not let that faze him. If he had someone, it would not matter to Officer Ted. Because what Officer Ted wanted, Officer Ted got.

Officer Ted stalked Chad’s home for almost a month after he finished his regular duties and, when he was pulled off of traffic patrol, this gave him more time to stalk Chad. Only once he saw a woman by Chad’s house. Chad was home alone most times save for the few when his buddies were over, the same buddies who with him at the club.

One day, Chad did not leave to go to work. Officer Ted decided that this was the day. This was the day that he would have Chad all to himself. He sneaked in through the back door and tip toed inside. Chad’s room was to the back. He heard snoring and guessed that he was asleep. Quietly, he walked, holding on to his chloroformed rag to make Chad sleep stronger, when he was knocked out from behind.

When he came to, he was inside Chad’s room, only he wasn’t there alone with Chad. Two of Chad’s friends were there with him. Ted remembered them from the club.

“Ah, he’s awake,” Chad smiled.

“Well, well, looky here,” the big muscular one smirked. “If it isn’t Officer Ted.”

“Who are you?” Ted shook himself in the chair. “You’ll be in big trouble for assaulting an officer.”

“Oh? Is that so?” continued the muscular guy. “It seems that you’ll be the one in trouble since you have been tailing my friend here for the past month or so. You see, he noticed you, told us about it and we set this little trap for you. We weren’t sure if it would have worked but we are very glad that it did.”

“So what do you intend to do?” Officer Ted asked a bit more assertive and aware of himself and his surroundings.

“What did you intend to to to me if you had gotten to me?” Chad asked him, still smiling brightly.

“I wasn’t – I wasn’t going to do anything to you,” Officer Ted swallowed.

“Sure you were,” sneered muscle man.

“What should we do with him?” asked the third guy.

“I have a great idea,” smiled Chad.

The last thing Officer Ted saw was Chad’s smiling face coming towards him, then, darkness.

When he came to, he on a bed, chained to the walls and his clothes were removed. He heard lots of voices that sounded female. Someone came into the room. It looked like a woman.

“Hello Officer Ted,” she said. “We heard about you from Chad and we were very pleased that he brought you to us so that you could service all of our wonderfully horny women.”

She saw the terror in his eyes. “Yes,” she went on, “we know what you like but you won’t get that here. This is your punishment for trying to hurt our beloved Chad. And don’t worry, we have ways of ensuring that you will always rise to the occasion and stay that way, even if you don’t enjoy it.”

When Ted looked down, he saw that he manly part was indeed alive and well and when he looked up again, there was a line of women, waiting to take turns at pumping his life force away.