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I’ve had INIFINTE’s songs in my head for the past few days so I decided that they would ultimately be my October artist of the month. And yes, they are another Korean boy band. I be loving them Koreans and their music me say.

INFINITE began their delicious life in 2010, signed with Woollim Entertainment to bring me explosive eargasms. Not to mention the blessing that Dongwoo’s existence brings to my eyes!

The group consists of six members, SungkyuDongwooWoohyunHoyaSungyeolL, and Sungjong and together, they have released a good many albums and mini albums as well as a couple of Japanese releases of their popular Korean songs.

This year, they have also released a greatest hits album, featuring all of their catchy tunes over the years. What makes them stand out against the other K-pop groups for me is that each song features lyrics that tell a deep and meaningful story, which is represented by an equally graphic and vivid visual video.

I find myself drawn into each of their videos because they usually illustrate the theme of the lyrics, which it isn’t overdone with any special effects, unnecessary backdrops and over sexualisation of the boys. I think that the label has done a wonderful job in finding that balance of keeping these guys fresh, youthful and energetic with a healthy dose of their easygoing sexiness.

I wish one day that they would grace my country with their appearance or if I am lucky enough, go to Korea and see one of their performances there. Going to Korea surely does sound like a good plan.

I shall continue to be infinitely in love with this group until they decide to disband. Hopefully, that would not be anytime soon. But even at that point in time, their music shall live on on my phone, computer and give my wonderful ears the pleasure of listening to their uplifting sounds.