My love for hot chocolate goes beyond words. It is a drink that both soothes my senses, brings delight to my tastebuds and makes my insides feel all warm and tingly. It is the drink of the gods!

I would drink hot chocolate any time of day and have it with any meal; it goes with anything in my book.

Until recently, there was only one coffee house on the block, that being Rituals. Now, with the advent of Starbucks, my hot chocolate options have widened.

When Rituals first opened in Trinidad, I was very elated that someone had the foresight to see that I needed hot chocolate in my life on a daily basis. In the beginning, Rituals’ hot chocolate was divine. I used almost any and every excuse to go there and get my a Grande Hot Chocolate fix.

Then came the advent of the chillers. In their infinite wisdom, they had a hot chocolate chiller, much to my absolute delight and I made it my business to have either the hot or cold hot chocolate, whichever my tastebuds desired.

As time went by, the quality of the hot chocolate from Rituals started to deteriorate and I found myself going into a state of withdrawal from my lack of hot chocolate. Then, they even removed my beloved hot chocolate chiller from their chiller offerings much to my dismay, especially since I am not a fan of the coffee chillers.

I decided to give Rituals a very long rest as I realised that my taste-buds could no longer take any more abuse from that flavourless hot chocolate and decided to invest in purchasing Swiss so that I could make my own hot chocolate.

After the passing of many moons, I decided to take a trip to Rituals to see if there was any improvement with the quality of their hot chocolate. Much to my delight, they hit the nail on the head. I attributed this to the coming of Starbucks. Because of this renewed quality in their hot chocolate, I went back again the next day to procure me another cup. Needless to say, consistency was not in the cards. I decided to try again the next day but to no avail.

I decided to give them another rest. Then, Starbucks opened and I knew that I just had to sample their hot chocolate. However, the opportunity eluded me. I decided to give Rituals another go at the hot chocolate but alas, it was not meant to be. Because I knew that there were people in the world who were unable to eat or drink something, I drank the horrible tasting hot chocolate and told myself that hot chocolate from Rituals was surely not going to happen again any time soon.

That afternoon, I had gotten the opportunity that I had been waiting for. I was able to visit Starbucks because thankfully, it’s very close to home. I got me a Venti hot chocolate and I must say, that my taste-buds were singing hallelujah because it was so rich, creamy and savoury. I was very glad that I took the largest cup.

In terms of the chillers, I have to say that Rituals is better because theirs is more rich and flavourful. I was disappointed with Starbucks’ chiller or creme, because it was too watery. Even my cousin in law, who had Starbucks’ mocha chiller I believe it was, also complained that it was too watery.

Although I would drink chillers from time to time, the ultimate product that will win me forever is the hot chocolate. If Starbucks’ can continue making their hot chocolate like they made it the first time I tasted it, forever I shall be their customer. However, if not, then sayounara.

Rituals, there is still time to redeem yourself. Just remember folks, in the hot chocolate wars, consistency shall indubitably be the winner for me.