It has been a while since I have really listened to any music, especially since I am quite busy with work, school and soon tutoring. Also, I haven’t been able to write as much I used to, due to this sudden twist in my life. Yes, my once mundane existence is now over and my bed and I are spending less and less time together. Oh sweet bed! How I miss you so!

Nevertheless, I will backdate that short story that I am writing that was supposed to be posted last Sunday when I am finished with it. Shouldn’t be long…that is, unless I actually get to finish it IF no one hovers over me when I’m writing aka (Evil Senpai).

So, I laboured long and hard about the artist I wanted to spotlight for September and I finally decided on Skillet. They have been a band that I have been listening to for the past few years. They are also one of those bands I had on repeat when I was working at that stressful job to aid me in getting through those many days when I felt the urge to strangle someone, which unfortunately, was every day.

I was introduced to this band by a good friend of mine and thank him tremendously for it. Not only was I introduced to some great music, but the lyrics are poignant and have such deep meaning that you can relate to the message.

Skillet is a Christian rock band formed in 1996 in Tennessee. It consists of the husband and wife John and Korey Cooper along with Jen Ledger and Seth Morrison. With ten studio albums under their belts and a change in line ups over the years, Skillet’s style has morphed and mutated into different sounds with every offering.

I haven’t gotten around to listening to any of their earlier works yet, as I only got to know them from the album Comatose and after and I have officially fallen in love. One of my favourite tracks happens to be Comatose from that very same album. I love the classical violin vibe, the lyrics, the guitars; it all comes together to form a fusion of sound that provides me with an eargasm every single time.

September is the start of new things, a new school year, new school term, new prospects and all things good. It shall also be known as Skillet September.

Happy listening!