It exists in every car, located either at the right or left hand side of the steering wheel, a switch that can be turned on with just a flick of the wrist. That fundamental switch is referred to as an indicator. It was created with the intention that the person who is driving would use it to indicate to other drivers the direction s/he would be going. However, in Trinidad, this switch is just an accessory in a car, a tidbit that didn’t need to be added since almost no one uses it.

When I passed my driving test and got my driver’s permit, I guess I didn’t know about the hidden test to that involved obtaining the power of telepathy, because many Trinidadians seem to have been privy to this knowledge and now possess this magnificent power, hence no need to use the indicator. That just has to be it. That just has to be the reason why hardly anyone uses their indicator in this country and why I am clueless when I’m both a pedestrian and a driver.

It is the most sickening thing being a driver here in Trinidad. I just do not understand why people fail to turn on their indicator to show the person behind them the direction they intend to take and just assume that the person would automatically know to adjust their speed accordingly. Therefore, when the majority of these drivers arrive at the street corner they need to turn into and they suddenly realise that I do not share their telepathic link to know that they are about to turn, they hit me an impromptu halfway hand signal or quickly turn on the indicator or even better, not even bother indicating at all.

And when these pestilent forces come out in their numbers every day, wrecking havoc to my mind and the minds of other mindful drivers on the roads, the only thing that runs through my mind is how could I vapourise these asshole drivers who continue to unleash terror on the nation’s roads daily.

Seriously, why is it so hard to switch on your indicator a few feet from where you want to turn so that the car behind would know how to accelerate or decelerate accordingly. But hey, why should they be considerate to anyone on the road? After all, they are the only ones driving on it, right? Not to mention, that hidden test I missed out on, which would have given me the the telepathic power that everyone else seems to have and hence there would be no need for this post or for my constant state of confusion on the nation’s roads.

So fellow drivers, please be assured that I was not privy to obtaining the telepathic powers you all possess and don’t think I ever will be. As a consequence, kindly use the stick at the side of the wheel for the purpose it was intended; to indicate to your fellow roadies which direction you are going.

Thank you.