One bright and sunny Sunday morning, while I was preparing my Sunday lunch and by extension, food to take to work for the entire week, one of my tanks of gas expired. It was so sudden that I didn’t have time to mourn its demise as I switched over to the next available tank and continued on my cooking spree.

After I had completed my meal and cleaned up, I thought about my dearly departed tank of gas. She served me so well. She lasted for almost the year and aided me in bringing my experiments to life. We had such wonderful times together. Sniff. Sniff.

When my mourning period was complete, it was time for me to call in the gas company to remove her remains and bring me another tank who would take her place. Such is the cycle of life.

I remember it well. I called the gas company, Ramco to be exact, and told them that I needed to remove the empty shell that was residing in my house and bring me tank that was full of new life and energy. Up to this day, this has not happened.

On August 23, I called and ordered a new tank of gas and requested that they make the drop-off either on Friday or Saturday of that week since someone was going to be home on the Friday, which would have made delivery easier. The young man who took the order from me said that most likely it would be on Friday and I said that would be fine as I reiterated that someone would be home to receive the item and bid farewell to the old one.

On Thursday of the said week, August 25, I received a call from the Gas Delivery Man, who informed me that he was in front of my house. Immediately I got upset and told him that I never requested a delivery for Thursday but Friday or Saturday since that was when I would be at home to receive the item. He noted that he would return on Friday to collect the carcass and bring me my new tank.

On Friday, I waited all day, no Ramco. Saturday came and I called them to find out if they would be coming to deliver my item. The delivery guy said that they would. They never showed up. I called them and requested that they deliver it next Saturday as no one would be at home during the week to collect the item.

Saturday, September 3, 2016. My husband called Ramco early to request that our gas be delivered to our home early as we needed to go to the supermarket. However, Ramco’s CSR told him that we should hurry up and do our grocery shopping and return home and wait for them to show up. I was very annoyed by this. I called the delivery driver who said that the regular delivery driver was back out from vacation so I needed to give him a call. He gave me his number and I called him. He said that he would try to deliver the item and seemed annoyed when I asked him how soon because we needed to leave to go out. He said that he would be there by noon.

After this call, my husband and I waited. Noon came and went. One o’clock came and went and still no one showed up. Unable to wait any longer, my husband and I left to go do our monthly grocery shopping. This was close to two o’clock in the afternoon. As soon as we left the house, Ramco calls to find out if we are still at home. For the third time, we request that they deliver the gas tank next week Saturday.

Saturday, September 10. I call Ramco to find out the status of my gas tank. By this time, the rotting stench of my empty tank is reeking throughout the entire house. Cooking has now become difficult. During this telephone conversation, I was told that they delivered my tank of gas on Friday September 9. On this day, there was someone at home but Ramco was supposed to call me. They came and removed the WRONG TANK OF GAS and placed the new tank WHERE IT WAS NOT SUPPOSED TO GO. When I informed the gas delivery driver, he said he would come and rectify the problem. Of course, he never showed up.

Saturday, September 17. On this day, my husband and I were at home all day and we waited on the gas truck to arrive to fix the problem that they messed up from the very beginning. On approaching the five o’clock hour, I grabbed my phone and called Ramco again. This time I was put onto the supervisor. However, I did not speak to him but instead let my husband do the talking because I was so angry, I would have surely exploded while speaking to him. The supervisor said he would call the delivery driver. He called back and said that he could not get in touch with him but noted that he would get us our tank of gas next week Saturday for sure.

Saturday, September 24. Republic Day. A public holiday and therefore, no gas. Additionally, no one from Ramco has called me to apologise for the mistake that they have made since the beginning of this fiasco, which has resulted in my not getting my new tank of gas and the removal of my now rusted and rotted empty tank.

Sunday, September 25. Still waiting on Ramco to deliver my tank of gas. Additionally, I should not have to pay for this tank of gas due their initial error in mixing up my delivery days from the start and making me waste many hours waiting for this tank of gas that has not arrived yet. Their indifference to my suffering and their poor customer service continues to amaze me.

It seems that I would need to call an ambulance to have this now rotted, depleted shell removed from my premises.