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The Power of Choice


Recently, the cable company Flow announced that they would be increasing their fees come September first as they are unable to continue absorbing the cost of the increased fees they have to pay to foreign subscribers yearly. When the masses heard about this there was a great cry and a resounding uproar that something needed to be done this price increase especially in light of the fact that the price of everything under the clear blue sky is going up with the exception of salaries. There appears to be no respite from one’s salary disappearing into a pool of steadily increasing bills.

However, while there may not be any choices with regard to the water, electricity and NIS rates that have increased and are going to increase further, customers DO have a choice as to whether or not they want to have cable TV provided to them from Flow especially when there are many other alternatives out there to choose from such as Green Dot, TSTT, Massy and Digicel.

The possibility exists that one of these cable providers offers a cable package that would be cost effective for one’s pocket. In addition, the option to not take cable at all is there especially in light of the fact that many people now hardly ever do watch cable and opt for Netflix and other online content that you pay less for and get a lot of great series and viewing choices that you could watch on the go or cuddled up at home on the bed.

Not to mention that since the majority of good channels have been removed from the cable line up, it really doesn’t make much sense to even have cable in the first place. Plus, with alarming rate at which technology is growing soon cable TV may be or rather will be obsolete.

In light of these things, Trinidadians need to wake up and realise that they have choices and the fact that they choose to complain over something that they have a choice in, is their choice and one that is quite senseless. The mere fact that a choice exists is so that you can make it and send a message to these businesses. If you don’t want to pay more for Flow’s cable service then here’s a shocker, you don’t have to!

You have the choice to say no, you do not wish to have the service anymore and move on with your life. It is so simple yet people make simple processes so difficult. When the price of something goes up and you do not want to purchase it, you don’t have to. There are so many other options to choose from.

So please, stop complaining about things that you have some measure of control over and do something about it. Remember, the consumer holds the power and you must make these companies feel that power.

Therefore, on this Emancipation weekend, let us remember those before us those slaves who fought for freedom and along with it the freedom of choice that you seem to have forgotten existed. And in the words of Bob Marley, emancipate yourselves from mental slavery because it appears that those shackles continue to bound you to this present day.