The 2013/2014 Korean drama My Love From A Star was one of the best Korean dramas I have ever watched to date. And again, it was SBS who produced this fantasy drama, which was very successful in both Korea and China as well as very popular with people who watch K-dramas as well. Being late in the game as regards to watching this drama because of my many commitments before, I decided to watch this because it was one of the most popular dramas on Viki so I said to myself; I might as well give it a shot. I certainly did not regret it.

Starring Kim Soo-hyun and Jun Ji-hyun  as Do Min-joon and Cheon Song-yi respectively, the story centres on the alien Do Min-joon’s final days on earth as he prepares to return to his planet and his fated encounter with the spunky but down-on-her-luck actress Cheon Seon-yi, and their blossoming and tragic romance.

Do Min-joon was stuck on earth when he arrived with his kinsmen four hundred years earlier and has since been searching for a way to return to his planet. When the time suddenly approaches for him to leave, he becomes entangled in Cheon Song-yi’s life, falling in love with her. However, neither of them knew that they had met at a point earlier in their lives when Do Min-joon rescued a young Cheon Song-yi from being knocked down by a truck.

However, he ends up having to save her multiple times as she is targeted by the potential heir of the S&C Group, Lee Jae-kyung, who is trying to kill her as he believes that she is a threat to him. His younger brother Lee Hwi-kyung, who has been in love with Song-yi since they were school mates, is unrelenting in his pursuit of her even though she has told him time and time again that she does not love him. To further complicate things, her best friend, Yoo Se-mi has been in love with Hwi-kyung for as long as he has been in love with Song-yi. She has also been secretly jealous of Song-yi’s success and is quite pleased when circumstances turn the tables and she becomes a huge face in the entertainment industry.

Min-joon has a cynical view of humans and tends to keep away from them with the exception of Jang Young-mok, Min-joon’s lawyer. When Young-mok was younger, he was saved by Min-joon from attempting suicide and in the process, he about Min-joon’s real identity. However, as the series progressed, Min-joon lets Song-yi, Hwi-kyung and Song-yi’s younger brother Cheon Yoon-jae.

The drama was well paced, funny, exciting, dynamic, thrilling and suspenseful. The chemistry was magnificent between the actors and it reflected in the acting. This was another hit for SBS for me as I thoroughly enjoyed this series. You really empathised with each character and rooted for the power couple. This is one Korean drama series that you should not miss out on. Period.