Another Labour Day here in sweet T&T as well as another Father’s Day. Father’s Day appears to be ‘just a day’ in the sense that many people don’t really appreciate their fathers, some people don’t even know who their fathers are, while others are reeling in abuse from their fathers. Additionally, some fathers don’t even bother to fulfill their role so children grow up without them.

It was a bit quite disconcerting that the church, which usually highlights the importance of fathers, failed to acknowledge them as it is Father’s Day weekend. The mothers usually get honoured but fathers, well, is level salt. It really bothered me that nothing was done for them. Hopefully it was just the mass that I attended and that during the other mass times, something to honour fathers would be done.

However, I guess because mothers are usually the parent that sticks with the child through thick and thin and usually acts as both father and mother to the child is the reason why their day is widely recognised. But to those fathers who do man up to their responsibility, kudos to all of them.

Father’s Day may also be a time where memories can be painful because you miss them because they are no longer here. I usually get angry because of the circumstances surrounding the death of my father but I try not to think about it because there is nothing that I can do about it. Nevertheless, that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t affect me from time to time and this is one of those times.

Father’s Day is especially cruel to my friend who misses her dad immensely because she was more closer to him than her mother. He was there for her during all of her struggles and now that she has some strife in her life, she misses him even more. What hurts her the most was that she was not there when he passed unlike me who was fortunate enough to be there when he died. But talking about it is quite painful.

Fathers do play a very important role in our lives as they are the ones that teach us how to be more assertive, to think through things rationally, to not jump to conclusions quickly, to question everything. They are the ones who indulge us, well, most fathers do, and to encourage us along the path of life in such a way that we feel good about ourselves.

I remember my father always listened to me. He always asked me to talk to him about what was going on in my life. He never interjected, he just listened. He would encourage me in my studies and he was the only person besides my now husband, who was supportive of me furthering my education. He would always praise me for any and all successes that I achieved and always pushed me forward. I would always remember him for that.

Even though our time was short, I appreciated every minute of the time that we spent as well as the love, support and encouragement he gave me when it came to my studies as no one else in my family gave me that kind of support. And even though he didn’t attend my graduation ceremonies or anything, the mere fact that he kept supporting me behind the scenes and urging me to continue studying, was more than enough for me.

So, on this Father’s Day, to my Father in Heaven, thank you for giving me life to experience earth and thank you for the wonderful father that you gave to me. Without the both of you, I would not be the person that I am today. And to all the fathers out there doing their fatherly duties, kudos and blessings because being a parent is a magnificent gift from God.