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A Red Bean Pelau


As the quest for filling my belly with wondrous delicacies, I continue to scour the interweb for recipes to try. This time I decided that I would attempt making a red bean pelau and pair it with Korean fried chicken and potato salad.

After deciding on the dish, I had to ensure that I had all the necessary ingredients in which to carry out my master plans. Since I didn’t have a few of them, I strolled to the market to procure the other required goods. The only thing that I was going to do differently for this red bean pelau was that I was leaving out the salted meat. I wanted my pelau plain and as I had already mentioned, I was pairing it with Korean fried chicken.

So up and adam early on the Sunday morning to prepare. Evil Senpai fulfilled his duties of chopping up all of the ingredients while I cleaned the chicken, seasoned it and peeled the potatoes for boiling. Afterwards, Senpai dutifully disappeared as most times he usually does and slid back into the bedroom to either read manga, watch manga or doodle on his PC.

After pressuring my red beans because ain’t nobody have time to wait for that to get all soft and mushy on its own, I started the red bean pelau. First, I carmelised the sugar and threw in all of the seasoning to marinate in that stewy goodness. Afterwards, I put my pressured red beans in there together with its water and added the required ketchup, pumpkin and coconut milk. Finally I added the rice and pimento and let the fire and water do its thing together. Because I did not use the salt meat, I had to add my own salt and that is usually a bummer. For some reason, pelau and me don’t mix. Only once a pelau came out exactly the way I wanted it to.

Nevertheless, it did boil down nicely and it did taste good too. But even if it didn’t, it was red beans and to my taste buds, red beans could do no wrong. When I completed this, I worked on the potato salad and dealt with the chicken last. It was while working on the potato salad that Evil Senpai made his way back into the kitchen and I ensured that he did some dishes before he tried to escape again.

After those two dishes were complete, I tackled the chicken, since this didn’t require as much time as the others. I was saddened that I used the majority of my Kikkoman soy sauce for the recipe but say what. I just had to go and get me another bottle on the next visit to the supermarket.

When everything was complete, I looked upon my yummy delights and could not wait to feast on my creation. Unfortunately I had to wait quite a while because Evil Senpai was taking his time doing something else. However, when I threatened to eat without him, he was suddenly blessed with speed so that my
stomach was able to be nourished by my creation.

Red bean pelau


The Korean fried chicken was phenomenal! That sauce was so heavenly! So much so that Senpai asked why I didn’t make more. But I didn’t know it would have tasted so good! But next time for sure. 😀