Parasyte is a twenty six episode anime that aired in 2014, which was adapted from the manga. Suffice to say, I read the manga before I watched the anime and there were a few differences, but the most notable one was the artistic difference between the anime and the manga.

Parasytes are creatures who have come from another planet to take over humans and make the planet into their own because they believe that the humans are parasites to Earth and therefore, they, the parasytes, would like to save it. However, one parasite failed to take over his host completely, which consequently meant that they continued to possess their own consciousness and sense of self. As time progressed, the protagonist, Shinichi started to exhibit some of Migi’s (his parasite) characteristics. Together, they battle other parasites they come into contact with to save themselves and by extension other humans from being annihilated, by using any means possible like for example, hiding behind a wall of meat (humans) lmao.

The artwork was notably different from the manga. In the anime, Shinichi wears glasses whereas in the manga he didn’t. Also, the anime gives the characters a more modern look as the manga featured older styled drawings. Nevertheless, the anime’s art was colourful and artsy, which again was in contrast to the blood and violence that was part of the steady imagery in the series.

The opening score was a heavy metal piece, which I totally loved and it suited the tempo of the anime’s theme and story. The musical numbers throughout the show were a bit haunting and edgy, reflecting the mood of the intensely violent and ominous atmosphere faced by the protagonist Shinichi. Ken Arai did a spectacular job with capturing the essence of the anime and creating a soundtrack that is worthy of listening to over and over again. The ending song was another reflection of the general mood and tone of the series.

There was definitely development in Shinichi’s character, which was due largely to his fate being tied together with the parasite Migi. There was also a change in Shinichi’s father as well due to certain circumstances. There were no notable changes or development in any of the other characters throughout the series save perhaps for Tamura Reiko.

I totally this series because it had a good mix of action, suspense and drama. I loved the interaction between Migi and Shinichi, especially the manner in which Migi referred to humans as meat. The way he spoke was very comical to me and it provided comic relief in an otherwise serious moment in the show. However, Mirano, Shinichi’s girlfriend, proved to be a bit more annoying in the anime as opposed to the manga.

I rated this anime a 9/10. Reading the manga first and then watching the anime was a plus as it usually is. I loved that they updated the drawings and stayed true to the manga, which thankfully, finished before they made the anime. It was a very enjoying, engaging and interesting anime series. There were no senseless fights, and it explored one of the most common philosophical questions asked, that is, what is the purpose of one’s existence.