Ken Arai


My how time flies! It’s already the beginning of the fifth month! Well, this month, I thought long and hard about who I wanted to be my musician of the month and it dawned on me, as if it was a no-brainer that I suddenly had to realise for myself. That’s right. These past few weeks I have been hooked on the Kiseijuu aka Parasyte Soundtrack. I have been listening to it almost every day while writing or studying. And who was the brilliant musical force behind this masterpiece? Why none other than Ken Arai san, that’s who!

To his credit, he has done soundtracks for Japanese dramas including the popular Shitsuren Chocolatier that aired in Japan on Fuji TV in 2014. He debuted in 2003 with the unit ‘transluv’ with Kaori Okano. He has also produced music for others as well as himself. He is very talented, having released seven albums and eleven eps. His most recent EP was this January entitled “I Want You”.

He is also a very gifted DJ and he has a very large, successful following in this circuit as well. He DJs at many clubs, parties and corporate events. His style is electronic, techno, dubstep and trance all Japanese style and very mesmerising and hypnotic, which, by the way, is one of the tracks on the Kiseijuu soundtrack.

Based in Tokyo, Ken Arai continues his onslaught of musical magnificence and I just cannot wait to hear more of his work. There is something about his music that keeps you wanting more and more of it and you can never seem to ever get tired of listening to his tracks over and over again, such is the power of his music.

Therefore, it is with great pleasure that I introduce you to Ken Arai, a talented and brilliant Japanese artist. If you are pretty open minded with music, give this guy a listen, especially to the music he supplies as soundtracks because that is where he really shines. He really has a feel for each series and is able to produce music that is so attuned to the theme of each show.