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Disaster Duck

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“Disaster Duck has struck again!” shouted the man on the television. “This time at the beach where he destroyed all pots and took all the ingredients that were there for the Curry Duck Competition.”

The reporter went on to interview the organisers of the event. “What are you going to do now that Disaster Duck has ruined your event?”

“We are going catch that damn duck and curry it!” barked the organiser, Mr. Singh.

In the background, you could hear the angry voices of all the contestants who were affected by Disaster Duck. Some of them wanted to curry him just like the organiser, some simply wanted to roast him or drag him through the streets so that all ducks everywhere would know their place and do not believe that they had a saviour in this duck that was distressing people.

This was not the first time that Disaster Duck destroyed a planned curry duck competition and from the looks of things, it certainly wasn’t going to be his last. His first attack was when he was one of the ducks that was caught to be curried. Not wanting to end up in someone’s stomach, he staged a renaissance and was able to escape. Well, not all of the ducks were able to, but the majority did. Since then, he caused a ruckus every time ducks were the main ingredient for any dish.

Disaster Duck was hot news so the local TV station decided to round up ducks who knew him to get an idea of the type of duck he was in the hopes of catching him. They went to the farm where he was born and there, they spoke to the farmer who remembered the day when Disaster Duck hatched from his egg.

“Yes,” Farmer Nappy said wistfully. “I remember it as if it was yesterday. His mother laid ten eggs I believe. He was the ninth one to hatch. Such a lovely little duckling, he clinged to his mother all the time I remember. Then, after about two weeks, his mother was taken by accident by one of the helpers and turned into a fine curried dish. She tasted so good,” he reminiscenced. “I think that when Jin saw his mother’s head in the window, it scarred him for life.”

“Jin? Is that his name?” asked the interviewer.

“Yeah,” Farmer Nappy responded. “Jin. Afterwards, he isolated himself from his brothers and sisters and seemed to be sad most of the time. But then sometimes he seemed as if he had murderous intent in his eyes. Then one day we sold him with his siblings to a local butcher store and I don’t know what happened after that.”

“Are any of his siblings alive?” the interviewer wanted to know.

Farmer Nappy scratched his head. “I’m not sure. But you can check the butcher I sold them to. Maybe he can help you on that.”

He gave the interviewer the name of the butcher and waved them goodbye. Soon enough, they were in front of the butcher’s place and began to ask him some questions.

“Yeah, I remember that damn duck!” exclaimed the butcher. “He was trouble from the moment he came in here. He set all of my livestock free and I lost a lot of money. When next I see that duck, he is going to be more than curry!”

After that outburst, the butcher slammed the door in their faces. The reporter wondered what to do next. He decided that he needed to interview the siblings but had no idea where to find any of them since Disaster Duck had freed them all.

“Psst!” someone called while he was thinking. “Psst!” came the sound louder and when the interviewer looked around, he saw a hooded duck calling to him from behind a tree. Slowly, he made his way over to the duck.

“You want to know more about Jin don’t you?” asked the hooded duck.

The interviewer shook his head. “You know him?”

The duck shook its head. “I’m his oldest brother Jam. What would you like to know about him?”

The interviewer could not believe it. He was so lucky to have stumbled upon a relative.

“Can I see your face?” asked the interviewer.

“No,” was the reply. So the interviewer asked his questions.

“Do you know where your brother is right now?”

“Possibly disrupting another curry duck competition,” Jam shrugged. “Not my problem.”

“So you don’t really approved of what he’s doing then? Your brother?”

“Should I? If he’s free he should just live happily. This hero stuff makes no sense. He’s been like this since our mother died.”

“So you don’t really care what happens to other ducks as long as you are safe and sound?” asked the interviewer.

“Damn straight, give zero quacks about it,” Jam nodded.

The interviewer was stalling for time. Finally, there was no need to do so anymore. The net was in place so he asked one more question.

“Do you think that your brother will come and save you if you ever got captured again?

“That justice duck? Heck yeah!”

The net fell upon Jam and he struggled to get free but to no avail. At last, the interviewer would be able to get his long overdue scoop with Disaster Duck that he was waiting for.

When he got back to the station, they put Jam in a cage and displayed him on the TV. The manager was delighted. Ratings were through the roof!

Jin saw Jam displayed in the television. He never realised how stupid a yard animal could be when he heard him pleading with Jin to come rescue him. Jin was preparing for another curry duck raid. He had no time for imposters.

After several days, the station realised that Jin aka Disaster Duck was not going to come. Jin was rampaging throughout the beaches, saving all the ducks he could.

There was another heartfelt plea from Jam to Jin on the television. People and animal kind wept alike. Everyone was talking about how cruel Jin was to ignore his own brother and save ducks that were not even related to him.

The following day there was a cooking show. The main dish, duck. but duck is not what they got. When they killed Jam, they realised that he or rather a she, was a chicken disguised as a duck. And the chicken loved Jin but he did not like chickens. This chicken had killed his brother Jam and was impersonating him to stay by Jin’s side, but Jin knew. He saw the chicken out of his brother’s skin one day. He played along. And now that the imposter was gone, Jin could continue with his plans for saving all the ducks.

Curried duck was the best meat one could eat, smiled Jin.