Being an adventurous anime watcher, I decided to embark on taking on anime that appeared to be interesting from reading a summary of it. At first I did not realise that it was an old anime but I decided not to let that deter me from giving it a go.

The story begins with the discovery of the Solo ship and the giant mecha Ideon by the Logo Dau. During this same time, the younger daughter of the most important person in the Buff Clan happens to crash on the same planet that the discovery is being made. Fate is what brings her and Jordan Bes together supposedly in the hope of uniting the both clans. The Buff Clan is looking for the legendary Ide which is said to possess limitless powers and attacks the Logo Dau when they realize that they have found it. It is during this raucous that the Logo Dau is forced to use the Solo Ship alongside the newfound giant mecha they begin referring to as Ideon. From this point onwards, an endless battle begins between the Logo Dau and the Buff Clan, fighting to take control of the Ideon. With each battle, the Ideon grew stronger, thereby rendering all efforts made by the Buff Clan to obtain it futile.

Giving consideration to the time the anime was released, which was in 1981, the animation was good.  But, given the time span and the quality of anime that is done now, it’s a little too grainy with lack of character detail and setting. Nevertheless, the costumes of the Buff Clan were original and sassy and I could see myself cosplaying in it.

The sound effects in this anime were pretty awful. The series was not big on music throughout and the audio was really bad in some episodes. There was even an episode where it appeared that there were other voices besides the anime characters that could be heard in the background. But that could have been as a result of the anime quality because I believe since I have watched it, better qualities have manifested themselves.

Wow. Where do I begin. Most of the characters in this anime were static throughout the course of the series.  Yuuji Cosmo is the only memorable character in this anime who also happened to be a well rounded, well developed character. The main pilot of the Ideon, he displayed courage, spirit, a high level of maturity in such a short amount of time with the ability to make important battle decisions, making him stand out in the series as the most extraordinary character. Not to mention, there were lots of characters who did not last even two episodes because they died very quickly so there was no use getting accustomed to any of them.

I struggled to get through this series. At times it would be very engaging but then at times it became a bit repetitive because of the realization that the battles between the Buff Clan and the Logo Dau were pointless because no matter what tactics or measures the Buff Clan employed, they would never be able to defeat the Ideon simply because it was the source of limitless power and it got stronger and stronger with every battle fought. The ending was rushed and did not give any explanation about the people of the Sixth Civilization, who were the ones who created the Solo Ship and the Ideon neither did they provide a reason for their existence. The anime lacked any true closure.

After listing everything above, I gave this anime a rating of 3 simply because I believe that the story did not develop at all. There were too many battles that did not make any sense. No explanation was given as to why the people of the Sixth Civilisation created the Ideon and the Solo Ship; too many characters came and died almost instantaneously. The concept was excellent but it could have been way better.