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Chocolate, Brownies and Ben & Jerry’s!


I had heard some okay reviews from my friends about Ben & Jerry’s, so I decided that there was no harm in trying it, especially as my tastebuds usually favour one specific brand and one specific flavour. Well, it’s either Häagen Dazs or our very local franchise Munch Kings to be honest. I like both brands of ice cream but Häagen Dazs has the edge because of it being the bestest ice cream flavour they have created in all of the solar system, vanilla caramel brownie.

Nevertheless, it was chocolate fudge brownie ice cream so it just had to be epic. I mean there was chocolate and fudge and had brownies, a combination I was sure was going to give my beloved vanilla caramel brownie a run for its money. Well, let’s just say, vanilla caramel brownie is safe like Selassie I’s briefcase.

On Sunday, all I could think about before eating lunch was cracking open that pint and getting down and dirty with my cold, sweet collaboration. As soon as lunch was devoured, I dashed to the fridge and grabbed the pint as if it was the only thing that would keep me alive at this point, grabbed a spoon, hastily peeled the cover off, took a taste and was mortified. My face twisted into convulsions from the shock my tastebuds received and the fact that no medical attention could help me recover this tragedy, was the cruel fate that it suffered. And you know the saying, misery loves company, so I forcefully spoonfed some to Evil Senpai so that I could see what his reaction would be and his face too, also twisted into a grimace.

With each and every spoon, my brain desperately tried to figure out what on earth was this dreadful gustatory sensation flowing through my mouth and then suddenly, it hit me. It tasted burnt. Not to mention that the brownie was dry and hard and added no additional flavour to this already savourless ice cream. Unlike vanilla caramel brownie, where I usually have to stop myself from eating the entire pint in one go, I was more than willing to cover this one up and return it to the freezer where it needed to dwell forever. Unfortunately, because I spent money on it, I could not very well throw it out, so what I did was just eat a little every day until it was finished. And it was a torturous eternity until it did.

Going forward, I do not believe I am going to be adventurous any time soon when it comes to ice cream. It usually does not end well. My previous experiment was Cold Stone and I could have sworn I had gotten instant diabetes with just one bite. That gunk was ridiculously sweet and bland. It was absolutely disgusting. Thankfully, the popular adage of “free lunch” applied here, so my pocket was not crying out in despair. However, my body felt it and I think that would count as being the worse of the two.

So far, there has been no other rival to Häagen Dazs other than the local franchise of Munch Kings here for me. I love most flavours of each brand, with of course, the winner going to vanilla caramel brownie. Well, until something else comes along and whisks my tastebuds away. But until then, vanilla caramel brownie, our marital bliss continues.