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Anton and the Racing Car


In a little wooden house, on top of a hill, lived a little boy by the name of Anton Lysacek. He was six years of age. He was a tiny boy, very thin, but it was not because he was malnourished, it was because he was a very picky eater.

Anton had light brown skin, with a mass of dark brown curly hair, which he was very proud of. He loved his curls and did not like anyone to interfere with his hair. He had a habit of playing with his curls whilst he drank his tea. He was an extremely active child; he could not sit one place for even two minutes. He had this habit of hopping around all over the place and turning upside down on his head to watch the television. He hated school but what little boy would not?

Anton lived with his mom and big sister. His father passed away when he was one year old so he did not know him.  His mom was a housewife and his sister was the breadwinner of the family. Because of this, she was hardly at home because she had to work long hours, but when she was home; Anton always wanted her to keep him company because he loved his sister a lot.

On the weekends, he would wake her up too, much to her dismay. When she had the time, she would take him out to the movies or to the arcade. There were times, however, when she had to go out and could not carry him. She felt a bit sad at these times. However, she went out and got something that would change his life forever.

His sister bought a laptop and paid for internet connection. She showed him how to use the laptop so that when she went out, he would have something to do and not get into mischief. Anton also knew the rules of the laptop, which included no eating or drinking while on it.

One day, when his sister left to go out for driving practice, Anton was searching for games to play online. He loved car racing games and decided to look for one to play. He found one and clicked on the game to start. While waiting for the game to load, Anton laid back in the chair and closed his eyes. He silently wished that he was in the game going to drive one of the cars. Suddenly, he heard the roar of engines and opened his eyes. Anton was inside the game surrounded by all of the racing cars. He could not believe it! There were cars all over the place. A red car approached him and opened its doors.

“Get in,” a voice said to him.

Anton looked around to see who was talking. He was astonished to learn that it was the car that had spoken to him.

“Don’t you want to race?” the car asked him again. Anton shook his head slowly, still in a daze.

“Well get in, the race is about to start,” the car said to him again. This time, he got into the car and the door closed on its own.

The seatbelt automatically strapped Anton in and they got into positions at the starting line. Anton watched as all of the other cars got into positions as well. The green car next to them looked at them menacingly.

“I’m going to win this race Red and then your tyres are mine!” he chuckled.

“You wish Green,” Red shot back.

“Don’t you worry Anton,” Red addressed him. “Everything is going to be all right. You’re in good hands.”

“How do you know my name?” Anton asked.

“Well, you did enter your name when you started the game now didn’t you?” Red told him.

“Oh yeah,” Anton smiled.

Anton could hear engines from all of the cars revving around him. He became a bit anxious but Red told him not to worry, he will be okay.

The horn sounded and they were off. Blue cut in front of them and sped to the front. Orange was not far behind him. Green snickered at them and took off after Blue and Orange. Yellow was lagging a bit behind them and Black had just zoomed past them and took over Blue.

“Why are we staying behind?” Anton asked a bit dismayed at the fact that all of the other cars were passing them by and they were basically in last place.

“Have no fear Anton, everything will be all right. Just trust me,” Red told him and Anton reluctantly sat back and remained quiet.

The track was pretty long. They were driving through the streets of Tokyo and there were lots of turns to make and the roads were winding. Suddenly, they came to a road block at which Red stopped and looked on perplexed.

“What’s wrong?” Anton asked realising that something was afoot.

“The road’s been blocked,” Red told him. “And it doesn’t appear that it’s a genuine one. I believe one of the other cars put it here to stall us.”

“Will everything be okay?” Anton asked.

“Yes, just hang on!” Red told him and sped through the blockage.  No sooner had Red done that did they see Green pull in front of them and started to jay drive them. Green’s engines roared in front of them. Then out of nowhere, Orange came and slammed into Green’s side and it became a push-of-war between the both of them leaving little or no room for Red and Anton to pass.

“What will we do?” Anton wailed. “We’ll never be able to pass now.”

Red was a bit worried too but then saw what looked like a short cut up ahead.

“Hang on Anton kun,” he said to him and made a dash for the road while Green and Orange continued their road rage.

When they got onto the road, it was smooth at first but then it ended up being a dirt track. Red was beginning to wonder if he had made a bad call by taking this route but up ahead, he caught a glimpse of Blue and realised that he was not alone on the track. Not to mention, he was catching up to the other cars.

Red accelerated and Anton screamed with delight as they were soon behind Blue. When Blue realised that he had company, he started driving in the middle of the track so as not to allow Red to pass. But Red knew how to manoeuvre his way around Blue. He drove up on Blue and hit him from behind, forcing him to move. Then, he drove to the side of him and rammed him against the wall.

“Yeah! That’s what we talking about!”Anton exclaimed as they drove past Blue, who was still trying to recover from that wall slam.

Now the only one that remained was Black. If they could only catch up to Black then they could win the race.

They were now back on the main track. The shortcut proved to be very effective. They spotted Black a short distance ahead and also noticed that the race was almost over as the finish line was now in sight.

“You have to NOS now!” Anton yelled.

“Not yet,” Red told him.

“What! What do you mean not yet?! We have to win this race!”

Black realised that he was not alone and upped his speed. Anton pressed the NOS button and Red zoomed ahead before he could protest. They were a few inches away from Black. Black was barely holding onto the lead. Anton pressed the NOS button again before Red could catch his breath and they zoomed past Black, the finish line within reach. Black then pressed his NOS and was about to pass them, when Anton pressed the final NOS boost and they zoomed past the finish line.

Anton was screaming for joy.

“We won! We won!”

“Am, who’s ‘we’?” his sister asked and it was at that moment that Anton realised he was back outside the game.

“Red and me,” he replied excitedly.

“Riiiiiight,” his sister rolled her eyes. “Such a sweet little kun,” she added and messed up his curly hair.

“Hey!” Anton exclaimed and his sister laughed.

When she left him, he watched the computer and Red winked at him from the screen. Anton smiled and decided to play another game.