Have you ever been with someone that lied so much that even when they told the truth it still sounded like a lie? I did. It was not a very wonderful experience and I am positively sure that those of you out there who have experienced it would know what it’s like too.

It all began a millenia ago, when I was wee younger, working in a job that required me to work almost every day for many, many hours, so therefore, my bed and I hardly had a meaningful relationship with each other, which for me is pretty bad. Anyway, the individual in question also worked there, albeit, he seemed to work whenever he wanted as for some apparent reason, none of the supervisors every saw him slacking off or he was just able to sweet talk his way out of any situation that was not in his favour. I think it was more of the latter. Anyway, I never trust the said dude from the start because while he was attempting to tackle a coworker of mine, he also wanted to tackle me as well. We realised his diabolical scheme when he invited her to play some pool and she in turn invited me to come along with her for company. He was quite stunned when he saw the both of us and later confessed that he was planning to ask me out as well at some point in time. Player pimp.

From that moment, the distrust began and I began to ignore his attempts at flattery and trying to get on my good side. I also thought that he was trying to prove something since he knew that I was involved with another guy there and he wanted to show him up so to speak. Nevertheless, I ignored his advances because every fibre of my being said that he was bad news. Eventually, the dude and I broke up because, well, I needed some time to myself and this was the glorious moment that Player pimp was waiting on. I still ignored him and he took this as a serious challenge. He soon left the job and went abroad and while he was there, called me many a time to chat on the phone, running up his mother’s telephone bill in the process by the hundreds since he was making overseas calls. As he was away, it gave me much needed time for myself, but, much to my dismay, he started to grow on me since he was showing all this interest. So naturally when he returned, we started to go out. The first night when he took me to his home for the first time, I met his aunt and grandmother who were really lovely people. We went to his room and we just laid there, saying nothing to each other. At that point in time, so many different things were running through my head that I didn’t know what to actually think. Needless to say, I still had my doubts about him but I decided to give it a shot.

It started off well, but then after a few months, things started to go awry. First, my cousin said that she saw him with another girl and when I asked him about it, he brushed it off. Next, was the other lie that he would be home for the carnival, only to find out from my neighbours that they saw him wining down the place in town with the same girl who my cousin saw him walking down the street with. This time when I confronted him, the guilt was written all over his face. I should have ended it there and then but I decided to give it another try. Then, another one of my friends also saw him with the same girl. The ice was about to break now. The final straw came when I called him to see how he was doing. He said he was fine and that he was at home relaxing. I didn’t tell him my whereabouts because I didn’t feel the need to. The best part of that was as soon as I finished speaking to him, I bounced him up face to face right around the corner. Imagine his surprise. So I remarked, “Oh, I didn’t know this was Piparo,” referring to his home village. He was so stunned he didn’t know what to say. It was at that moment I knew that it was definitely over and I told him such.

He tried to make amends of course, going so far as to taking me to an Enrique Iglesias concert but not even that could save him. I had had it with his lies so even if he was telling the truth at some point in time, I would not have known. I really did try to make it work because most of my friends at the time said that I never tried to make any relationships work, any first sign of annoyance and I was out of there. This time when I actually tried, it made no sense but at least I did try and I came out the better for it I suppose. The sad thing is that after a few years we ended back up together again but because he lied so much I couldn’t trust him and it didn’t work. Then he appeared yet again and tried but this time I had the evidence to prove of his lies and seal the nail in his coffin. Figuratively of course. Unfortunately, he ended up taking his own life almost a year after the final breakup, which sealed the coffin literally. I don’t know what transpired but I do know that his aunt was devastated. His parents hated me, which was quite unfounded since I was not the reason for his demise but rather the stupid girl he kept cheating on me with who did more harm to him than good.

Anyway, being with him wasn’t all bad. He treated me well, well, when he wasn’t cheating on me that is, but he was always friendly with my family and friends and never hesitated to help me out whenever I needed it. That was the one thing about him though, he was really dependable. Anything I needed, he would do his best to assist me and for that, I was and still am thankful. Sometimes, I am sad that he is gone because despite our history, this year would make it four years since he has passed. Even though he ended his life prematurely, for reasons I still do not know, I hope that he is resting in peace. I have moved on and found someone who I do not have to worry about with regard to cheating. Well, technically, since I do get horn with the computers. Sigh.

Writer’s note. ‘Horn’ is a Trinbagonian term that we use to mean ‘cheat’ in a sense. We would say, s/he get horn and refer to the person who is the outside woman or man as the horner man or woman. Lolz. I love my Trini language.