Food, food changes everything, how I eat and what I won’t. Food, food changes everything, and fills my stomach with happiness. Food, makes my tastebuds sing, while my body cries out for more deliciousness. Yes, food, food changes everything, pangs of hunger disappear! Food is what makes the world a better place.

In this month of so-called looooove, I have called upon my love for food. Sniff. Sniff. Now the tastebuds will fill you in. Recently, I tried Felix’s recipes for spanish rice, pumpkin macaroni pie and parmesan chicken and the common ingredient uniting all? You guessed it. Cheese. However, instead of using macaroni for the pie, I used penne instead. The result, a harmony of flavours on my tongue. One minute the food was on my plate, the next minute the plate was empty. It all happened so quickly.

As usual, I try to plan what I am cooking for Sunday lunch a week in advance so that if I have to pick up additional ingredients, I could do that by Saturday so that when Sunday comes, it’s just to get cracking. I usually finish a lot faster in the kitchen if Evil Senpai provides his chopping services so that I can focus on the cooking element. This weekend, he did provide me with his services so kitchen time was only approximately two hours max.

First up, I boiled the penne and put the red beans to pressure because I realised after I had prepared my menu that I didn’t have anything to provide sauce for the food. Everything on the menu was dry so I added in the red beans last minute. And I must say, I did myself a wonderful justice. Nyes.

So, after the penne was boiled and strained, I started grating the pumpkin to put in the pie while Evil Senpai chopped up all of the other stuff like the garlic, onions, pimentos, chadon beni and whatnot for me to use in, well, all of the foods that was going to be prepared. And since we were going to use a lot of cheese, I let him do the grating heheh! Then it was onto work mixing up all of the cheesy goodness for the pie. I whipped that up quickly and then put that pie to bake. Then I focused on finishing the red beans which did not take long after pressuring and then slowly worked my way towards the rice. I saved the chicken for last since I knew I had to fry it a bit first and then fling it in the oven for baking topped with all the marvellous cheesy goodness that it was to be marinated in, along with that heavenly seasoned chicken that I had allowed to marinate for two nights prior to being disposed of in the oven as bait for my stomach to do large somersaults.

When all was finished, the Evil Senpai snapped a pic, making it seem as if he had prepared it! Smh. If only his friends knew. Nevertheless, as I said, after the food was plated out and we sat down to eat, it simply vanished from both our plates. It appeared as if we simply vacuumed the food straight from the plate into our stomachs. It was a combination of hunger and savory food. Our tummies danced in the exquisite juices and lulled our bodies into an ocean of calmness. It was another well done experiment.