ENZO – the protagonist. He is stubborn and does not want to listen to words of caution issued to him by his friends.

CASHEW – one of Enzo’s friends. He only pokes fun at Enzo when it comes to women but he never really gets involved with anyone

MYSTIC – one of Enzo’s partners. He doesn’t lime with the group much, he is more of a loner and he is pretty lazy.

SAIYU – a mysterious woman who Enzo is infatuated with.

WASSY – Enzo’s noisy friend. He likes to lime and have a good time but is wary of Enzo’s interest in Saiyu.




A police officer stands over the body of a youth no more than twenty years of age. There are other officers around the area looking for clues as to what could have happened.

Police Officer 1:It seems as if dis boy died from ah fall

Ah chance he never stood

And his parents we must now call

Police Officer 2:Look! It ha someting in he hand!

One week earlier

Enzo and Wassy are liming on the street corner. Enzo is a youth of twenty and he is dressed in a three quarter pants and a T-shirt. His hair is unkempt and he is a red skinned fellow. Wassy is one year older than Enzo and he is well dressed and is half Chinese. They usually hang out at the corner of Enzo’s street to chat. They are both waiting for Cashew, their Indian friend to pass for them when Saiyu passes by. She is a young, red skinned woman. She is wearing a sexy top and a long fitted skirt that completely covers her legs. A shapely figure is seen through her attire and this is pleasing to their eyes except that they cannot see her face properly since it is hidden beneath a very large hat. Despite this, Enzo is almost drooling over himself.



Enzo:My God! Angels walk upon de earth. Tings like dat from de country of meh birth!
Wassy:Boy is true, is true. When yuh see dem ting pass, yuh does not know wat tuh do.
Enzo:But Wassy boy yuh know who she is? This creature of fair beauty

Who come to trouble meh heart and soul, who come to upset meh entire world?

Wassy:Ah wish ah could tell yuh bout dis bes ting

But boy ah jus doh know nutting

She jus appear from nowhere one night

And quite ah stir she does cause when she in sight

Buh caution ah issue to yuh on dis one

Because of lack ah information

Enzo:But dere mus be someone who know

Be it friend or foe

Bout dis girl dat step out my dreams

And body language dat say follow me.

A car pulls up beside them and it is Cashew, their Indian friend. He is a couple of years older than Wassy. He parks and steps out onto the curb next to them and Wassy informs him of what is happening.

Enzo:Boy, yuh eh see she as yuh was pullin up?

De sweet ting dat jus went in de shop

Cashew:Wah yuh talkin bout boy?

Yuh feel ah does ha time tuh play and toy?

Is drive ah drivin and nuttin else

On de road ah ha tuh study bout mehself

Wassy (laughing):Is drive he driving?

It eh ha nobody no more conniving

Dan dis Cashew

Yuh neva say dat

When yuh was scopin out Ms. Beepat!

Enzo:Hush! Hush!

Here she comes!

She passes by the three of them and Cashew, who has now joined the fray, is also mesmerized by her beauty although they are unable to see her face. Enzo makes a movement to speak to her but both Cashew and Wassy hold him back. He is pissed.

Enzo (angrily):Wah wrong with both ah allyuh?

Like allyuh trying to take way my Saiyu?

Leh meh go!

Else dis beast go start roarin

Allyuh deceitful wolves in sheep clothin

Cashew:Boy, wah wrong wit yuh?

Why yuh hyper so?

And how yuh know she name?

Turning to Wassy.Like allyuh smoke some weed or wah?

Both Wassy and Enzo watch Cashew. He puts up his hand in defense.

Cashew:Nah, nah doh kill meh dread

Ah was hopin dat wudda explain

How Enzo hook so

The woman who Enzo has dubbed as Saiyu (since they did not know her name) has disappeared down the street. Enzo has stopped struggling and Cashew and Wassy let him go. He looks at them with murder in his eyes.

Enzo:Ah know allyuh wuh she

Buh ah see she firs

She was made fuh me

After she allyuh could thirs

Buh know she already in my purse.

Cashew:Enzo boy, wah yuh talkin bout?

Why yuh ha tuh scream and shout?

De gyul lookin good so we ha tuh look

Buh dat doh mean yuh ha tuh hurry tuh chook!

The three of them disperse and go their separate ways. Enzo looks in the direction Saiyu went but decides to wait until the next day.



Nightfall. Enzo goes to the bar that is situated opposite the curb where he was liming with Wassy and Cashew the night before. When he enters, he notices Mystic, a tall, lanky brown skinned boy, sitting in the far corner of the bar, sipping lazily on a beer. He makes his way over to him.

Enzo:How tings wit you man?
Mystic (yawning):Good, good.

Wat up wit you?

Enzo:Nuttin, nuttin. I good too.

Mystic yuh know we thick like glue

Tell yuh boy if yuh know anyting

‘bout Saiyu

Mystic:Saiyu who?
Enzo:De sexy chick who does hide she face
Mystic:Who she?

Trust meh Enzo

Forget bout she

She’ll only cause you pain and sorrow

Enzo:Dat sweet fairy

Who lips drippin’ ah honey

Hips swayin’ and teasin’

Wah pain could dat angel cause me?

Mystic:Wah lips ah honey?

She face yuh ent ever see


Dat eh even she rell name

Fuh true

Enzo, yuh iz ah stubborn fella

When rain fall

People does use umbrella


Fuh protection against de wedder

And ah say tuh yuh

Leh common sense be yuh protection

From dat demon

Enzo:Ah missin’ something here

Dat eh no kinda clue

Wat ah suppose tuh do?

Mystic:Jus’ follow me chupid advice

An know ah eh go lead yuh stray

Buh something not right bout she

Yuh doh see she in de day

Only de night

Yuh never does see she face

Dat is not right!

Enzo:Maybe she is ah night person

She doh like daylight

Look at me, I does like to lime in de night.

Mystic:Dat different boy!

We does see yuh face

She mus’ be covering she own from disgrace!

Cashew and Wassy enter the bar and take seats next to Enzo and Mystic.

Wassy:Allyuh eh hear?
Ezno:Hear wah boy?
Wassy:It havin’ ah party dis weekend on de block.
Enzo:Eh heh? Doh make joke.

Dat is good opportunity to plough and yoke.


Boy, wah shit yuh does be talking?

Is Saiyu he studyin’

De boy head hard like steel

Buh who doh hear does feel.

Enzo:Say wah allyuh want

I know dat I and she

We meant tuh be

Nothing allyuh say

Could deter me!

Mystic:So who throwin’ dis blocko boy?
Wassy:Ah tink is DJ Mike

Is rell drinks we hadda spike!

Cashew:Yeah boy!

It go have rell girls dey

Wassy (musing):Ah wonder if Siranasaurus Rex go be dey boy
Mystic (confused):Siranasaurus Rex?
Cashew:Is ah ting dat does be coasin’ on him in de Zen
Mystic:So he wonderin’ if she go be dere?
Wassy (confidently): She go be dere

Have no fear

Is my turn now to coas’

Leh we see who go boas’!

Enzo’s silence is noted with the mention of Sirana and they all look at him.

Cashew:You rell quiet dey Enzo boy

Ah cyah believe this Saiyu done wound you up like a toy

Getting up.

I tink I goin’ dey

Ah cyah watch Enzo waste away

By tinking bout a gyul who face we ent never see

And can only be defined by she body.

Wassy:We go see yuh fuh de party den?
Cashew:Of course!

Where dere be bitches, dere be men!

Cashew exits.

Mystic:I tink I gone dey too

And remember Enzo

Forgeh bout Saiyu.

Mystic and Wassy leave. Enzo gets up and goes out the door to go home. As he is walking, he expresses his thoughts out loud.

Enzo:Dey jus doh understand

Wah ah feel for dis woman

My Cleopatra

Oh I’d chant ah mantra

To cure dis fever

And make meh stronger

Ah must ha she

Like de goddess Circe

She cast ah spell on me

She is Medusa

Whenever she pass

Ah does turn tuh stone

Ah doh know wah tuh do

But one ting is true

She go be mine

And mine alone

No one else go ha she

Destined from de beginning ah time

Me and she, huh!

Nuttin go tear we part

I know, my love fuh she

Was real from de start

Cursed as Dorian I may be

And meh picture

Ah go gladly show she

And ah could die

Carefree and happy.

He reaches his home, opens the door and goes inside.



It is the night of the party. Cashew, Wassy and Enzo arrive together. Mystic reaches a little while afterwards. The party is in full swing and there are a lot of young women there. Cashew and Wassy are scouting the scene while Mystic is standing near a bar, sipping lazily on a beer and taking in the view. Enzo is silent. His eyes are roaming the crowd for a glimpse of Saiyu.

Wassy:Dais wah we talkin bout!
Cashew:Makes me wanna scream and shout.

Mystic makes his way over to them.

Mystic:Wah is de scene fellas?
Cashew:Jus cool. Wait! Wassy, over dere!

Dat lookin like Sirana.

Wassy narrows his eyes and peers through the crowd to the spot that Cashew was pointing to.

Wassy (upset):Yes, dat bitch!

Which man she wit now?

Ah ask she tuh come wit me

Buh she here wit dat fool Mitch

Ah goin over dere fuh she tail

Is who she feel she playin wit?

Tonight ah go make ah jail!

Mystic:Boy, doh do someting shupid nah!

See da crowd? It ha plenty ah fish fuh you and me

Doh throw yuh life away on ah worthless flea!

Cashew:Mystic right boy

Leave she leh she coas and ploy

In de end

You be de bigger man

And as it is

Leave de situation.

Enzo spots Saiyu and life is suddenly injected back into him.

Enzo:Dere she is!

My dream goddess

Ah goin after she

Tonight she not gettin way from me!

Before any of them could stop him, he disappears into the crowd. Saiyu was causing quite a stir especially since her face was hidden. She mesmerized all of the guys and the girls were annoyed at her presence.

Cashew:It jus have something wrong wit dat gyul

We never see she face

She never even say ah word

Ah cyah understand why Enzo captivated so?

He get something from she dat we eh know?

Mystic:Since she come on de scene

Ah watchin she

She not ah normal person

She is ah demon

Yuh does only see she in de night

She doh talk to nobody

Jus wearin sexy clothes and galavantin she body

Dat is wah have Enzo chupid so

But wit she, we cyah leh him go!

Mystic and Cashew begin to make their way through the crowd to find Enzo. Wassy was still watching Sirana and debating with himself whether to go and confront her.

Cashew:Yuh tink we go ketch him?

Look how fast he movin!

Mystic:Leh we split up nah

You take de left

I take de right

Take care!

They split up and go after Enzo. Meanwhile, Enzo is so fixated on following Saiyu and catching up to her that he does not realise that she is leading him out of the party. However, he takes it as a sign that she wants more than just to talk, which, of course, Enzo certainly would like to do.

Enzo:Saiyu! Saiyu!

Wait fuh meh nah!

Ah want it as bad as yuh!

She glances around at him and continues leading him out of the party. The party was close to a forested area, where Saiyu was leading him. When she realizes that they were alone, she stops and waits for him to get closer to her. Upon reaching her, he grabs the piece of cloth that guards her face. He rips it off and she quickly puts her hands over her face to cover it. She laughs coyly and runs off into the darkness. Stunned, Enzo holds the piece of cloth in his hand and begins running after her in the darkness, following the sound of her laughter.

Back at the party, Cashew and Mystic meet up after searching the entire area.

Mystic:It seem dat he disappear

No trace ah he anywhere

Cashew:Hopefully he go turn up soon

Is Enzo

He does handle he stories smooth

Wassy then approaches them looking disheveled. Mystic and Cashew look at him in surprise.

Cashew:Wham to you?!

Yuh went an fight

Dat chupid Mitch right?

Boy like you is ah ass or wah

To fight fuh someone so chupid

Wassy:Wah it matter to you?

Is meh honour ah protectin

Ah know she eh have no brains

Is not tuh mess with Wassy!

Mystic:Allyuh fellas eh bet allyuh dotish nuh

Fuh oman allyuh go fight and kill

I gone dey oui

Ah wish allyuh good will

Cashew:Ah feel ah going dey too

Ah go drop allyuh home

As fuh Enzo

Heh! To each his own.

They leave the party without finding Enzo or seeing Saiyu.



The next day, Wassy, Cashew and Mystic are driving by the area that the party was held at and noticed a lot of police cars and policemen scoping the forest nearby. They stop and get out of the car to see what the commotion was about.

Cashew:Excuse meh dey officah

Wah is with all dis bacchanal

Like someone geh kill or wah?

Police Officer 1:Is ah tragedy true true

Of one so young and full ah youth

Wassy, who had moved away from Cashew and Mystic, notices that they were now bringing a body out of the forest. In one of the officer’s hands, he spots a piece of red cloth and a chain with the letter ‘E’ on it. It looked just like the chain Enzo used to wear. Wassy gasps.

Wassy:O god! Tell meh is not true!
Cashew:Wham boy! Why yuh gettin on so?

Yuh ackking as if yuh see ah ghost!

Wassy:Well it might as well be!

Our friend Enzo might be….

Cashew:Boy stop it nah!

Yuh scarin meh!

The police officer notices their exchange and makes his way over to them.

Police Officer 2:Hey you! Yuh recognize dis chain?

Wassy shook his head. Cashew and Mystic, on seeing it, shake their heads as well.

Police Officer 2:Is ah sad ting fuh dis poor youth

Cause now he forever mute

Cashew:No way it could be Enzo!

No way dat could be true!

Mystic:Buh officah yuh could describe de youth?

The officer described him and they realized that it fit Enzo’s profile perfectly.

Police Officer 1:Allyuh know dis fella right?

Lift de veil, geh dem sight

To view their friend in earthly light

Better for us they identify

His parents now to be pacified

They viewed the body and identified it. The officers showed them personal effects belonging to Enzo. They also realized that the piece of cloth that one of the officers held was the same colour and make as the one that Saiyu was wearing. They had no doubts in their mind that she had a major part to play in Enzo’s untimely demise. They gave the officers the description of Saiyu and left with heavy hearts.

Later that evening, while Mystic is walking home from the bar, he glimpses Saiyu disappearing around a street corner. Under the dim light, he sees that she has one normal leg and the other one appeared like a hoof. At that moment he understands everything.

Mystic:Everyting reveal itself clearly I know I was right bout she

De mystery finally come to light

It terrible dat Enzo had to suffer dat plight

He lust was he undoing

He shudda listen to me

But he stubborn as ever

And just like dat Helen

Who cause an entire city to fall

Dat witch, dat cursed demon!

Destroy my friend

‘Oman again

Always de destruction ah men

Is true dat everyone was ackking strange at de party

But dis reason I wudda never forsee

But me she wudda never ketch

Saiyu, dat damn La diablesse!

He takes out a cigarette from his pocket, lights it and inhales deeply.

The curtain falls.

Author’s note: I wrote this play for a school assignment, which, unfortunately, had to be performed as well. But it went okay. The language that the characters is speaking is Trinidadian English Creole (I prefer to say Trinidadian English), while I write the additional scene information in Trinidadian Standard English. The title of the play is a Trinidadian English Creole saying meaning if you do not want to listen, then you will learn it the hard way, that is, by experience. Since I do not believe that we speak a ‘creole’ as the majority wants us to think, I refer to my native language as simply Trinidadian or Trinidadian English.