In every good oven there lies a pie, a pie that has to be baked, a pie that will surpass all pies. Muah ha ha ha haaa! It was just a corn pie. For Christmas, a wonderful jolly time of year, the plan is to think up of a menu that is unlike any other menu known to your kitchen for the entire year or maybe has hardly had any cook time for the entire year. Being as I love to experiment with food, especially as I love my belly, I agonised over what my Christmas menu was going to be. I had no clue what I was going to cook but I knew it had to be something new! Nyes! So I checked out my favourite site and skimmed through the recipes to see what I haven’t made as yet and what I would like to try.

And it came to pass that I found the one. Well, it was more like the several because I found a couple of contenders. Plus, I was also planning menus for Sunday lunch before that so I had to choose which one I was going to do for Christmas and which one I was going to do for the Sunday because it would require me to get additional ingredients for both. When I had finally settled on the menu, my sojourn from the market came to a festive end as I had to take a lovely walk to go get me some fresh produce to incorporate into my meals. So, what did I finally decide on for Christmas lunch? Well, initially, it was carrot rice, corn pie and paprika chicken but then I realised that I wasn’t making any peas so I had to go back to get me some more produce, well, fresh salad, to incorporate into the meal. But then, my evil husband said to me, “Why don’t you make callaloo to go with the meal as well?” and I thought about it and replied that it didn’t make sense because he didn’t eat it because it had ochro in it and he hates ochro. But upon thinking about it, I decided that an entire pot of green loo just for me sounded extremely feasible so I decided to acquire some ingredients to make it as well. I was very happy that I did that.

On Christmas day, we got up around noon and started the food preparations. When we started cutting up the ingredients, I realised that I didn’t have enough pimento and had to cut back on two for my paprika chicken just so my callaloo would survive because the prepacked callaloo pack did not have the pimento or garlic or onion that is required to make it a complete success! Sigh!

Anyway, I put all the ingredients in the pot for the callaloo and allowed that to do its thing because that’s all that’s required, just throw everything in the pot and let it boil down and when it’s all soft and mushy, use that hand blender and blend that shit up goooood. And voilà! The perfect green loo. It was very spicy because I forgot the pepper in there and it burst not to mention that the pimentos were also hot as well.

So while the callaloo was doing its thing, I put the rice to boil and grated the carrots for the rice. After completing the rice, I turned next to the corn pie. Nyes. Corn pie goodness. Mixed up the promosa, egg and juice from corn and set that aside and then sautéed the other ingredients in the pot and added the mixture then the corn and when it was nice and thick, poured it into the baking dish and sprinkled some mozzarella and bread crumbs on it, shoved it into the oven and left it to bake. Finally, we set our sights on the paprika chicken, which didn’t take as long. By the time the paprika chicken was ready to go in the oven, the corn pie was finished. It looked and smelled deeeelish! Unfortunately I didn’t take a picture of when I took it out the oven, only when everything was plated out and ready to be devoured. And I must say, the corn pie was the star of the entire Christmas menu, so much so, it seems that when I told my aunt about it, she wanted me to bake an entire one just for her! I thought about swiping half of it but I decided in the end to just give her the whole pie. Sniff, sniff. See how good of a niece I am? Heheh. So, on New Year’s Day, I whipped up another pie and took it to her.

It was a lovely evening as all the family passed by and the corn pie was devoured in almost its entirety that same evening because everyone wanted to ‘taste my hand’ and everyone was bawling it tasting rell good! So another thanks to Felix for his fantastic recipe. I actually have a one up on my other aunt who said she has been trying to make a corn pie since the dawn of time and had finally given up saying that it may never happen. I win! Heheh! The recipe for this sumptuous dish is below.

Now my aunt wants me to make plantain pie and parsley rice for her. Sigh (I am beginning to see there will be no end to this). And so the Christmas meal was lovely. I ate, I savoured and I enjoyed. Now to find me more delicious foods from Felix for me to cook in this coming year and to master the ones that I have made already. A-cha!