Machel Montano


It’s a new year, (happy new year!) and soca is in the air because carnival is right around the corner. Yes, the time for endless fetes and people exercising to get in shape to look good in their costumes is in season. In this time leading up to the greatest show on earth, one genre of music is dominant throughout and that is soca music. One of the most successful soca artists and my artist of this month of January is Machel Montano.

Machel Montano has been singing since he was a young lad, so he has been in the business all his life with his mother being very instrumental as his mentor, his pillar of strength and most importantly, his success. Machel really exploded on the soca scene with his band Xtatik with the song Big Truck being part of the album Heavy Duty, which became one of his most successful albums with the band. He also produced music without the band with great success as well.

What Machel is well known for is his well oiled waist. That man could wine! Plus, when you hear any of his music in the club or on the street, your body seems to move on its own, such is the command of his fantastic music!

He has won numerous awards for the carnival season and recently won a BET award, which he truly deserves. Can’t wait to see what he has in store for this 2K16 carnival season since he usually lets his bombs drop close to carnival (well, at least for Road March lol) so it’s usually fresh and does lots of damage to those big trucks on the road for both kiddies and adult mas. But two of the videos posted are his official music for this carnival, what we Trinbagonians would refer to as his groovy socas while Mr. Fete was the groovy anthem for the 2013 carnival season. When ah Machel tune start to play on ah speaker, bet yuh bottom dollar, yuh wining down low! No playing stush! Lolzzz.

So, this is my artist for this month Machel Montano, the king of soca, the Double M, a fellow Trinidadian and a brilliant artist. Listen to his music and wine along with the rest of us not only for the carnival season, but all year round as well!