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Food Only Tastes Good When You’re Angry


There are times when one does not feel to cook and one of those times is when one is angry. Yes, anger means I just need some music to help calm me down or maybe some silence would do. To become angry, this feeling must be invoked by someone. On this special day, this someone happened to be the Evil Senpai. Yes, he annoyed me. What did he do that got me annoyed? Well, I can’t remember now, which means it was some trivial matter. Unfortunately, I had to cook on that day because there was no food, only ingredients to make food. And since it was a long weekend and I don’t particularly like to buy food because firstly, buying food means spending money and secondly, spending money and not getting good tasting food. So, there wasn’t any choice. Therefore, I looked for the simplest thing I could whip up in a short space of time. That prize went to the dish called pelau. Plus, I also made a macaroni salad to go along with it cause you can’t eat pelau without salad, that’s blasphemous! A-cha!

So, I didn’t have any seasoned meat that day and I had no intention of seasoning any either for this dish but luckily, I had some leftover shrimp, beef and chicken from when we went to Samurai Japanese restaurant so I decided that I would pelt that in my pelau. I put my sugar to carmelise for the stew and then I tossed in the rice and stirred it up. Then I threw in all of the leftover meats and sauces and stirred it up. I soon followed it with the pigeon peas and then added the water and coconut milk, some garlic, onion, salt and pepper, stirred it a bit and left it there to boil down. While that was happening, I boiled the water for the macaroni and when it was boiled, emptied the contents in there to boil, all the while checking on my pelau. Well, the pelau finished not too long afterwards and it came out so perfect! So perfect in fact that I have unable to replicate that success to this day. But I will never stop trying! The macaroni finished boiling and I strained it and then added the mayo, corn and a little bit of sugar, mixed that shit all up and voilà! Perfection as well. Then, I dished out my food and Senpai’s and we had a blast. My stomach felt as if it would burst fuss I ate so damn much. Lol! Afterwards I packed our bowls to carry to work the next day and that was the end of the food. The dishes, well, Senpai had to wash those. He has to work for his food afterall. Heheheh!

And so, time and time again afterwards, I have made pelau and it has yet to come out like that one day when I was upset. I guess I will just have to replicate those circumstance again. Lol. However, I know that I will eventually perfect it again, for I shall never stop trying! Dum dum dummmmmmm…………………………..!