Exodus, exodus, exooooooooooodus!

The Korean band EXOPLANET a.k.a. EXO exploded on the music scene in 2012 with a large number of members in the band, a dozen to be precise but since their debut, those numbers have been reduced. As usual, SM Entertainment, always seem to be centrefold when it comes to losing members and lawsuits (Flashback to TVXQ/DBSK). Sigh.

However, the band has had a lot of hits like Growl and Overdose and two fantastic albums full of energy, popping vocals and oozing of raw slim masculine Korean goodness.

Although they are relatively new in terms of being in the SM Entertainment family, with their two full album offerings thus far, they have done quite well I think since I like everything they have done to date and I look forward to more good stuff from them, providing that members don’t keep disappearing like the wind.

So, my pick for December’s Artist of the Month is EXO because I think that they are an amazing band full of energy and once managed right, could continuously keep churning out some good music for me to listen to.