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The Jobless Hunter


Every interview I have been to, there has always been a stock set of questions that interviewers ask most of the time. It’s a format that I have become accustomed to as well as despise. While I do get that it is part of the weeding out process for them to get a feel of the potential candidate that they have shortlisted, at the same time, it can be nerve wrecking for some people and most times you end up saying a lot of things that you really didn’t want to say. Preparation for each interview is critical so that I can ask the right questions to get the right answers so I too would know if the organisation is a right fit for me. Sometimes, even though I prepare my questions, most of the times I do not ask all of them because some of them are answered during the interview process itself. Then there are times when I do not get the vibe to ask more questions so I just end it by asking about the other steps in the interview process, making it seem as if I am uninterested. However, the interviewers should note, that they too, give off a vibe, and once I sense that they are not interested, then it does not make any sense for me to continue. For me, it is mentally and physically draining because I always have to ensure that my mind is calm so that I could give some sensible answers. It also helps if no drama is going on personally in my life as well as that messes up my psyche. And then, after I chide myself about how it went, going over every minute detail of the interview in my head for a couple of days, most of these organisations do not even have the kind courtesy to call or send an email to say that I did not get the job, which to me is rather unprofessional. Any person who has been interviewed for a job would like to know whether or not they were successful or not. Guessing from now until the end of time does not help with elevating self esteem.

What makes these potential employers quite curious of late is that I am no longer working. Yes, I quit my job and I am very happy that I did so. My reasons are my own, so worry not potential employers because I did not get fired. However, if you must know why I left, then you need to read this article https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/20140428194310-68335342-7-management-traits-that-will-make-all-your-employees-quit and then you will understand some of the reasons why I took it upon myself to resign and stay at home and relax, while looking for a new job because it was the better option for me. And if the culture of your organisation exhibits any of those traits, well, don’t hire me.

Working in toxic environment is not good for anyone and I believe that once your heart tells you to leave, then you should follow that. And that is what I did. I have no regrets about quitting, I never did and never will. This job has not been the first job I have left and it may not be the last. Once I do not see an avenue for my personal growth and development as well as having employers who do not give a shit about me or my well-being, well, then there is no reason for me to give you my time. Because you see, my time is very precious to me. It may not be to you, but it is very precious to me, it is the one commodity that I do not have enough of and I need to use it wisely, hence that includes not giving you my valuable time if you are not going to reward me for all of the hard work that I am going to put in for your organisation. And reward is not solely tied to the monetary aspect, a simple ‘thank you’ or ‘good job’ or some congratulatory words so that I feel as if I am making a worthwhile contribution to the organisation and boosts my morale.

So yes, I am hardworking, meticulous, strive for excellence, I like to sleep, I like anime and manga and my unique skill is my mutability and the ability to get along well with others and I want to accelerate to the top of your company in five years’ time and all that good stuff but if you cannot provide me with an ideal working environment, that is, one that is employee central and one where you cannot acknowledge my hard work and only seek to blame others when things go wrong, then I am not your girl. Right now, I may be jobless, but I am not foolish and when the right organisation sees my magnificent worth, then they will see how marvellous I am and can be for them.