November is the month dedicated to the souls that were once alive with us, honouring those who were martyred for the sake of the Lord, (the saints), and trying to figure out what we, the ones that are currently alive and kicking on the planet, are supposed to be doing.

The world is changing at an alarming rate and time is slowing down for no one any time soon (chuckle, chuckle). Many people today do not partake in religion or religious practices and it is understandable since religion has been the cause for many a bloodshed over the centuries and even today. However, as in any and all things, people usually bend various teachings to justify their doings. Religion, of course, is the prime example of this. Marx did say that religion was the opium of the masses.

Although people strive for immortality, in essence, we are immortal since our souls are immortal. The physical body on the other hand, is not, as with all other material things, does not last yet the spiritual endures. There are people who are not going to entertain this as they do not believe in a higher being. That as well is quite all right as everyone is entitled to have their own beliefs and express it fully.

Science has made many strides in dispelling many so-called myths and advanced very far in medical research that one wonders why their still exists certain persistent diseases that I am perfectly certain cures have been developed but since the world is all about the money, cures are shoved in a vault and bank accounts get fatter and fatter for some and emptier for others in the quest for health.

Others battle with us trying to get our attention to grab the latest gadget that comes out, which usually does not feature anything really new, but maybe one or two improvements from a previous version, which does not deserve my money. Personally, I do not think it is necessary to purchase every new phone or tablet that comes on the market. My money could be better put to use travelling the seven seas. The world has become so commercialised that it’s losing humanity.

As we enter into this new month, let us remember to pray for the ones that have gone before us, hopefully to a better place. Let us remember to enjoy our lives in the now and not think upon the past or worry about the future. Be a happy soul and make this world a place that at least you know since the world is rolling onwards so quickly that one day you’d blink and you’d no longer be in it any longer.