Breaking Benjamin


Okay. Breaking Benjamin.

Their genre of music is alternative rock or rock some may argue. Either way, there are guitars and some screaming so it works out fine for me. So this group has been around for quite sometime but after three albums they went on hiatus for an eternity due to the fact that the lead singer was ill. However, he is well now, yay! and thank God for small mercies! The band has returned to the scene this year with their new offering Dark Before Dawn and I was very happy that they maintained their same sound and did not try to change it. The lyrics as usual touch on very real issues facing normal people on an everyday basis. It is another album that we can relate to.

They do not have many music videos and I think that maybe because the interpretation of their songs would have been terrible and hence they chose not to have many of them done. If that is the case, then I applaud them for doing that since I believe that most directors do not interpret the song accurately and churn out a stock video. I am tired of seeing those.

Anyway, they take their time and create good music, not the rubbish that the music world is attempting to slam down your throat lately with songs featuring little or no lyrics with little or no sort of lyrical content or meaning.

So, for my very first artist of the month, which will be this month of November, will be Breaking Benjamin. Support them and their music. They truly deserve it.