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An Asinine Paradox: Part Four

The lazy girl

So the two goons of the manager have entered into the organisation and both were and remained clueless about the workings about the company. He sent one of them to work at the branch that was short staffed and left the other one to do the filing since they were very backlogged in that area. However, seeing as the said employee, whose name was Candice, and the manager were like ring on finger, she did absolutely no work and constantly complained that she needed help when she was always on her phone, taking two to three hour lunch breaks or sleeping.

The manager, of course, so believing that Candice was suffering from a severe workload, attempted to rally the rest of the staff to rescue her from the 911 of files but he was stopped with a barrage of bullets of opposition from the staff as everyone had their own work to do and did not have time to assist anyone else. Plus, the since the Loans Department consisted of two people, both Julie and Agnis, they barely had time to eat on a daily basis due to the amount of work that they had to do. Not to mention the other staff members who had their own responsibilities and therefore could not do anything to assist. However, had Candice actually worked, things would have gotten done. But of course, that could not happen.

After a while, the manager realised that he needed to fill the role of the assistant manager position as him doing work was incomprehensible. So he got himself a new assistant manager, whom he would utilise as his slave since being the manager meant that he was not supposed to do anything but talk on his cellphone all day long and see to his own personal business.

When the new assistant manager came, again Julie was on vacation. However, when she came out, she introduced myself to him and realised that the new assistant manager whose name was Zed, seemed to know what he was about having come from a similar type of organisation. He soon came to understand the nature of the organisation and this was a culture shock to him as he had never experienced anything like that before. Yes, he was initiated into the madness that was at the heart of that financial company, as it was being run like a parlour and not being guided by any rules or regulations or rather, it was being bent to fit the needs of the few whenever it was necessary, which was most of the time.

And so, with Zed in the mix, the manager now fixated his antagonism towards him. Julie and Zed came to realise this because Zed kept complaining about Wink’s constant barrage of orders to do things that Zed had no access to. He had become privy to Wink’s idiotic ways as well as an attitude that reeked of sarcasm and loathing.