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An Asinine Paradox: Part Five


Every day was an effort for Julie, an effort to just wake up and go to work. The job itself was not the problem, the problem was the manager and the assistant manager Zed realised that very quickly. He came from the same area of the country as Julie did, albeit a bit further so, the manager in his infinite wisdom, decided to let him go down to the other branch once a week since it became short staffed yet again. Of course, he did not want to listen to reason when Julie told him that he should look for someone else for the branch because everyone knew that one of the girls was making plans to leave. It was only a matter of time. And when she did, it was back to square one since the goon he had placed there knew nothing and made no efforts to rectify that problem so members suffered. So his master plan was to alternate both Julie and Zed to go there once a week to ensure things were going smoothly. However, as Julie had pointed out before, this would push back work that they both had to do so filling this vacancy was top priority.

Inevitably, after a long while, the vacancy was finally filled and Zed and Julie went back to their usual busy lives, trying to catch up on the work that had piled up on them and dealing with new issues that were upon them. By this time the documents to be filed got even larger and the volume of work his second goon produced contracted. Then, one of the staff got a better job offer and left and in her place was the unprofessional Candice because the other person that could have filled that position better was with child. Candice never wrote anything down while she was training, thinking that her non-existent brain would assist her when she needed it.

She was incapable of handling the duties associated with the desk, yet the manager advocated for her. It baffled both Julie and Zed, not to mention the rest of staff about the way Wink overlooked certain things. Well, certain things as it pertained to Candice. Nevertheless, Candice continued making mistakes, saying that duties that she was supposed to do were for someone else and continued taking her long lunches, walking out and going wherever she pleased when she wanted, staying home and not calling in and doing work when she felt like it.

With her in that role, the filing position became physically vacant again. Zed suggested to Wink that they do the filing as a project, hire three people, let them file it out and whoever was the best worker they would keep. Of course Wink dismissed him on but one thing was for certain, they needed people to hold on for the two people who were going on maternity leave and therefore, they had to get some temporary staff.

Finally, after much debate, they had some interviews and they got three people who were supposed to be for the filing project. However, two of them filled the maternity vacancies while the third was sent to the filing room to be lost in a maze of documents.