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To Be or NOT To Be


The most memorable lines from that most annoying character in the Shakespearean Universe, Hamlet, or as I usually say, Ham of let. Annoying character but a very poignant soliloquy. Yes, these six words sum up our entire being, or rather, the choice of our entire being; should we be, or should we NOT be. To be is to live, to enjoy life, to take life’s trials and tribulations as they come chasing after you, trying to suck out your life force one second at a time. Because time is so precious, people fail to realise this one simple thing, focusing only on making money, becoming the most intelligent person or bent on world domination.

Time is the key element to being. Without time, we cannot be. We cannot anything. To not be is to let time go by without taking that risk that you wanted to take because you are worried about money and bills and all that jazz. Yes, it is okay to do that but don’t let worrying control your being. Don’t let it cause you not to be. Right now, you are NOT being and to not be is like being tumescent about your existence.

Taking that leap of faith is necessary to be. For to live a life that is fake and unreal is not to be. To live a life inside a school of fish is also NOT to be. Being true to yourself is to be, true to live a life that when you are on your dying breath you can look back and feel satisfied that you live life to the fullest.

Shakespeare knew the human condition, more than any other. Through his many plays he has shown us that these attributes are ingrained in society, no matter what timeline we may live in. The plot maybe different, but the stories are the same. You have to be in order to live, you have to use that time wisely in order to be, you have to be yourself in order to be so that you don’t fall into the trap that many people have fallen into nowadays, existing without being.