The sadness that engulfs my heart
Does not compare to hers
For she has lived a life of strife
In that house of all her life
And in the flicker of flame
Happiness dissolved again
Into the abyss of nothingness

How much more of this can I take?
Swimming in pain, nailed to the stake
This cycle of agony is never ending
Is it right to revel in the façade of joy?
Only to realise it’s just a curtain
For more hurt, anger and frustration
This endless rotation of degradation

Feeling so wretched and helpless
There are no words left to address
The utmost despair felt at the site
Of our home disappearing in an orange light
With bitter remorse for the late salvation
Too late were they to salvage our station
The fire burned more than just a building

For all the generations that came and went
And all of the wonderful times that was spent
In that wooden house upon a hill
Is now no more, a shell and still
Full of memories, joys and thrills
Of laughter, screams, tears and dreams
And playing under a Julie mango tree
All gone up in a puff of smoke

The tears and sobs are choked within my throat