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The Art of Rejection: Part One


Job hunting is a magnificent art form. It is, in itself, a job and it thrusts into pillars of despair when you know to yourself that you are more capable and qualified than most of the other people out there who have the jobs that you would like to have or do. So what are you doing wrong? You believe that you have a killer cover letter and an even phenomenal résumé but it seems that the interview always goes wrong. Or maybe it goes right, you wow them but then, that’s it. That’s all folks!

The silence is deafening.

So where is the broken link in this sequence of events? And really, what do these people want? Mediocrity? That seems to be the new efficiency in today’s world. But you can’t do mediocrity.

It’s happened so many times that it’s become part of the norm you think. Rejection, that noun that means ‘the dismissal or refusal of an ideal, proposal etc’ as well as ‘the action of spurning a person’s affections’. Consequently, in the nineteenth century it possibly meant ‘excrement’. Seems reasonable since after you get rejected you do feel like shit. You could write endless ballads on this word.

So what do you do after you get another rejection? You wallow in hopelessness for a while, bathe in self pity and curse the universe. But then people would say, ‘hey, positive thinking!’ and ‘that job wasn’t meant for you’ or ‘you’ll get something so much better, just you wait and see’ and all those wonderful meaningless lines that do nothing for your self esteem and your pocket. Then, you rise like the phoenix, ready for the cycle to start all over again.

Nevertheless, you want to take Hope and put it into the shredder for keeping that image in your mind that eventually it would happen, that one day the rejection would turn into an injection of your being into the job of your dreams. You think, why does it take so many closed doors before one finally opens and all you see is the heavenly light of purpose? Some say to build resolve or God works in mysterious ways. Indeed, sometimes His ways are truly mysterious to you. Or maybe you don’t believe He exists.

And after the timeless spells of getting rejected you wonder if all those years of studying were really worth it. Maybe you should have just gone partying and binge drink until the liver informed you that a new one would be required if he had to continue putting up with all this toxic waste. But hope is that mischievous feeling that worms itself inside of you and pushes you forward to dig the desert sand for the treasure chest to your very own magnificent job.

The joys of work rejection are one side of the coin, the other side being relationships. But I would leave that one for a future post. 😉